accounting and finance jobs

Job Description:

Job Track Description:

  • Performs tasks based on established procedures.
  • Uses data organizing and coordination skills to perform business support or technical work.
  • Requires vocational training, certifications, licensures, or equivalent experience.

General Profile

  • Expands skills within an analytical or operational process.
  • Maintains appropriate licenses, training, and certifications.
  • Applies experience and skills to complete assigned work.
  • Works within established procedures and practices.
  • Works with a moderate degree of supervision.

Functional Knowledge

  • Developed skillsets in a range of processes, procedures, and systems.

Business Expertise

  • Understanding of how teams integrate and work best together to support achievement of company goals.


  • Impacts team through the quality of the services and instruction provided.
  • Follows standardized procedures and practices.
  • Works with moderate supervision and guidance.


  • Has no supervisory responsibilities.
  • Self-manages workload and timelines.

Problem Solving

  • Uses existing procedures to solve standard problems without supervisory approval.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Exchanges information and ideas effectively.

Responsibility Statements

  • Examines and prepares statutory accounts, financial statements, and reports.
  • Maintains accounting and financial records, including general ledger, regulatory, and management reports.
  • Conducts extensive research regarding the impact of financial statements from potential changes to accounting rules.
  • Develops, implements, and communicates new processes to comply with changing accounting standards.
  • Provides accounting guidance related to proposed transactions to ensure conformity.
  • Prepares records, pays vendor invoices, and responds to vendor inquires.
  • Develops, directs, plans, and evaluates accounts payable policies and procedures.
  • May process employee expenses reimbursement requests.
  • Prepares, verifies, and reports accounts payable/receivable transactions.
  • Prepares analyses and reconciliations of bill runs to detect fraud.
  • Ensures that transaction entry verification procedures are followed.
  • May prepare and deliver low-volume customer billing and respond to resulting queries.
  • May be responsible for low-volume customer billing, including preparation, delivery and responding to resulting queries.
  • Analyzes capital budget requests.
  • Creates continuous and sustainable cost reduction or management programs to enhance profitability.
  • Understands fixed and variable unit expenses and reviews for possible cost-saving opportunities.
  • Produces expense analyses to understand an organization’s expense base.
  • Monitors expense control and reduction.
  • Produces progress reports and presentations for management and external stakeholders.
  • Ensures all reports and disclosures comply with applicable government regulations, professional and organization policies.
  • Prepares consolidation journal entries, eliminates inter-company transactions, and consolidates divisional and subsidiary financial accounts.
  • Conducts or assists in the documentation of accounting projects.
  • Disburses payroll checks, payroll taxes, and employee benefit payments.
  • Evaluates current systems to recommend and develop operating efficiency improvements.
  • Monitors to ensure proper documentation of employee benefit payments.
  • Prepares payroll expenditure reports.
  • Performs record keeping and maintenance of shareholder accounts, payment of dividends, and tax reporting.
  • Responds to shareholder inquiries.
  • Performs detailed review, design, development and implementation of accounting and documentation systems and procedures.
  • Coordinates tagging financial statements for regulatory reporting.
  • Applies standard taxonomies and creates customized taxonomies for financial statements, footnotes, and financial statement schedules.
  • Reviews and documents XBRL data tagging to ensure consistency and accurate financial reporting.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Complies with all policies and standards.
Job Overview