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Role Responsibilities 


  • Maximize sales performance to achieve given revenue targets of the branch and zone through liability products [Current /Savings /Term deposits], wealth management products and asset related products  (secured, unsecured)
  • Ensure effective Relationship Management by monitoring the movement of the top customers of the branch, devise and implement a customer acquisition and retention programme. Improve product per customer holding.
  • Device strategies to counter competition and maximize market share in the Catchment area of the branch, by below the line activities and promotions.
  • Provide support for new product launches, and champion new sales initiatives
  • Collaborate with Segment to facilitate up- streaming of customers
  • Ensure employees are adequately trained on all products/ processes and services facilitating first time resolution. Minimize rejections and customer complaints
  • Monitor customer satisfaction survey ratings, net promoter score or any other survey/ feedback ratings taken from customers and ensure continuous improvement if below bench-mark, sustain and better quality service
  • Monitor and track transaction volumes and ensure effective transaction migration to alternate channels of banking
  • Ensure PFM, teller and service managers’ productivity are at optimum levels
  • He/She is aware of bank’s Mis-selling & Sales Policies and ensure adherence all the times.


  • Ensure satisfactory ratings in all internal/external audits conducted at the branch
  • Ensure compliance to all Operations health documents like KCD/KRI/OPS manual, process notes and circulars issued from time to time. Perform regular KCS checks mandated
  • Ensure timely and accurate  submission of all returns both internal and statutory for sales and service
  • Ensure accurate and timely processing of all customer instructions as per applicable processes/ circulars


  • Lead revenue generation and profitable growth by focusing on:
  • Improved deposit mix comprising Current and Savings accounts
  • Waiver Tracking and Management
  • Non-funds based income
  • Ensure costs are managed within budgets


  • Implement change initiatives in the areas of branch space rationalization/ optimization, transaction migration, systems implementation, process Re-engineering and premises reconfiguration


  • Drive and embed a strong performance culture through inspiring, motivating and rigorous performance management discipline. Develop and build talents within branch through optimal resourcing, capacity planning, succession planning and engagements
  • Achieve high employee engagement and satisfaction. Retain talent, check attrition
  • Identify and address training and development needs of staff on an on-going basis
  • Ensure that the Branch is operating at the approved headcount for Priority Banking and Preferred Banking

Relationship Managers


  • Implement all segment/ product initiatives in the catchment (PRB/ NR/ SME/ Mortgages)
  • Jointly own the delivery of segment / product (PRB/ NR/ SME / Mortgages) objectives with the segment


  • Ensure he/ she is fully aware of all the policies and procedures issued in relation to ORMA, Group Code of Conduct, KYC/CDD/EDD and Money laundering prevention and ensure compliance thereto. Any suspicious transaction must immediately be reported as per guidelines
  • Premises management in areas of merchandising, housekeeping as well as store management. Branch upkeep and maintenance
  • Responsible for health and safety for all. As part of the Health and Safety guidelines you should:
  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of co-workers and those who may be affected by your actions or your omissions; Co-operate with Management to support and promote Health and safety in the workplace;
  • Ensure that your actions do not put others at risk; Work in a healthy and safe manner;
  • Encourage others to work in a healthy and safe manner;
  • Report all accidents and incidents and bring to the attention of the management any hazard in the workplace
    • As a manager you are also responsible for the health and safety aspects within your area of control. You need to ensure that:
  • Your employees are adequately trained and supervised to perform their tasks in a safe manner and are free to raise any Health and safety issues and these issues are addressed appropriately.
  • The contractors working in your area or for you are working in a safe & healthy manner.
Job Overview