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SpotGiraffe is an exclusive accounting and finance job portal providing easily accessible end to end service for organizations and aspirants. It creates a robust recruitment process that progresses to the growth of our partnering firms. We bring the right opportunities to the right candidate.

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SpotGiraffe was founded in 2018 to bring accounting professionals and companies together. SpotGiraffe makes it easy for you to find the top Accounting Careers in your city by listing more than 250+ jobs across India. Our expertise brings innovation, and opportunity to the accounting job market by connecting everyday businesses and accounting talents across the globe to enhance their lives and communities and accomplish incredible things. SpotGiraffe allows recruiters to post their recruitments  and the accounting job seekers to apply for the right  job. It’s what we do – create a better workplace by matching the right people with the right opportunities. We strive to innovate the way employers and candidates find each other and work together.

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A global arena connecting accounting and finance job seekers with professional organizations. Bridging the two shores of exceptional professionals and challenging opportunities, we build a seamless experience of career and organizational growth. While the accounting and finance industry grows further and further, we cater to the increasing demand for a talent pool that is credible and trustworthy, benefiting both professionals and organizations.

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