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Are you a commerce graduate or seeking a job in Finance and Accounting ? Do you know what job opportunities and responsibilities you are dealing with regarding your job positions? The scope of accounting is wide, and accounting principles are used in every step of many industries like business, government, financial institutions, trade, and more. So, the scope of Accounting and finance jobs vary from entry-level to executive level based on industries. A career in Finance and Accounting offers plenty of secure job opportunities worldwide. Let’s look for significant financial job roles, educational qualifications, and duties.


Finance Manager

Financial Manager is a person Providing financial reports and interprets financial information to managerial staff while recommending further courses of action. A financial manager is a professional responsible for an organisation’s financial well-being. 

Finance Manager Job: Know Your Role

Chartered Accountant

Your job is to provide expert financial advice and help clients manage their money. A chartered accountant is an internationally recognized financial professional who manages clients’ budgets, audits, payments, and business strategies. You can work for companies, authorities, and private individuals as a witness. 

A Chartered Accountant credential authorizes an individual to provide financial advice and maintain accounts. This may include financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery, and insolvency or accounting systems and processes. 

Chartered Accountant Job: Know Your Role


An accountant helps businesses make critical financial decisions by collecting, tracking, and adjusting the company’s finances. They are responsible for auditing, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring the accuracy of financial information throughout the year. 

Accountants are responsible for various financial tasks, mainly related to financial accounting. These duties often include calculating taxes and preparing tax returns, organizing and maintaining financial records, and ensuring the accuracy of reports. Accountants generally fall into one of four categories of auditor, management accountant, government auditor, or internal auditor.

Accountant Job: Know Your Role

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst helps companies and groups get the most out of their finances. They provide guidance and advice on how much to invest in stocks or bonds. They also evaluate which investments could bring the optimal return on their value. Financial analysts are responsible for monitoring the company’s financial performance according to plan, analyzing business and market conditions to make forecasts, and assisting senior management in making tactical and strategic decisions through regular reports. 

However, not all financial analysts work with financial institutions and help their employers make investments.A financial analyst must be excellent at solving problems and numbers and must know how the economy, tax laws, and money markets work.

Financial Analyst Jobs: Know Your Role

Account Payable Jobs

The accounts payable job is to provide financial, administrative, and office support to the organization. Their role is to make payments and track expenses by accepting payments and processing, reviewing, and reconciling invoices. A typical accounts payable job description also emphasizes the timely and efficient day-to-day management of all accounts payable activities. 

In larger firms, accounts payable is usually its department, but in smaller firms, accounts payable and receivable are typically combined. To work with accounts payable, the employee must apply accounting principles and perform analytical, evaluative, and advisory work that requires an understanding of both accounting theory and practice. Specialists are expected to have the ability to pay attention to detail and enter large volumes of data.

Accounts Payable Job: Know Your Role

Tax Accountant

The tax accountant plays an essential role in preparing and submitting tax forms. In addition, a tax accountant analyzes financial data and helps all departments stay abreast of accounting best practices. A tax accountant is valuable to the accounting and finance department because they have the formal training and education to record business expenses and file annual tax forms properly. 

The job of a tax accountant is to help clients and companies with accounting and income tax. These qualified professionals study, research, and interpret tax laws. 

Tax Accountant: Know Your Role

SAP FICO Consultant

SAP FICO is a module used for financial reporting in various industries. SAP FICO consultants support and implement this module, improving multiple functions of customers’ business and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. With time and more experience, entry-level consultants can look forward to SAP FICO Trainer or SAP FICO Senior Consultant positions. 

A consultant’s scope of work refers to a formal document that contains the tasks, functions, and outputs that must be performed and accomplished in a certain area. The consultant prepares the scope of work, which consists of definitions of all activities and tasks, and makes the team members understand the scope of the work. 

The work of a financial advisor requires a private person to guide companies and people in matters related to financial situations. They help clients plan their asset allocation and storage strategies. In the case of organizations, a financial advisor makes rough plans about the company’s financial position and how best to handle it, thus increasing profits and income.

They predict next year’s revenue and how the organization can succeed with incredibly sharp skills based on their various options. The work of a financial advisor gives the right to perform several tasks. 

SAP FICO Consultant: Know Your Role

Audit Manager

The audit manager is responsible for the control of internal operations, processes, and practices. Some audit managers manage a team of junior auditors or auditors who evaluate their work and provide guidance. They can also recommend changes and improvements to existing policies and controls to ensure they are up-to-date, adequate, effective, and used following government and company standards. 

Audit Manager Job: Know Your Role


Commerce is an incredible field of study that offers unlimited job opportunities globally. Job roles, skills and duties vary from industry to industry—many students opting B.Com after their plus two, mainly because of vast job opportunities.