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Career as an accountant


Accountants play an essential role in the financial decisions of the company. Accounting is more about maintaining the records of businesses and financial transactions to verify, analyse and report financial results; it combines different sectors like commerce, banking, business administration, finance, insurance etc. Accounting professionals use information from all these fields to provide accurate financial data to their users, investors, creditors and regulators; there is a huge demand for accountants in every sector.


When the world faced recession, the one field that remained unaffected throughout was accounting. So it would be an excellent decision to build your career in this field. An accountant is responsible for an organisation’s financial accounts and economic activities. From auditing to preparing annual reports, everything comes under his job role. He is responsible for identifying discrepancies and producing error-free reports to higher authorities. Some may find this job hectic as it is filled with busy schedules and meeting deadlines. But with the right tools and strategies, accountants have overcome all the hurdles in their professional life.


Accountants are needed in public accounting, management, auditing, financial and budget analysis, tax, etc. Chartered accountants have great demand in this field. It is one of the highest-paying accounting jobs. Accountants also have the chance to teach accountancy in both private and government colleges. They can also take up the role of an auditor in different accounting firms. Most firms offer internship programs to carry out their small day-to-day accounting activities. Accounting freshers can apply for various internship programs in other financial organisations to gain the required experience.


Numerous job opportunities await accountants both inside the country and abroad. CAs have a lot more scope in different sectors. Accountants can take up the roles of financial analyst, financial controller, financial manager, chief financial officer, financial advisor, company secretary, certified public accountant, bookkeeper, chartered management consultant, forensic accounting, auditing clerk and many more. You can quickly draw an annual salary of six lakhs from most of these jobs. Your salary will increase based on your performance and experience. Apart from technical skills, you must also master some soft skills to excel in your field. Your numerical aptitude, ability to handle stress and question clients, good computing skills, patience and self-discipline determine your job profile. You must also be able to work in an office set up for long hours and have ethical practices. Your honesty and reliability will take you to more significant heights in your career. Some of the top recruiters hiring accountants in India are Wipro, Vedanta Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd, ITC Ltd, Ujjivan Financial Services, HPCL, Tata Motors, Auditor General Office, Income Tax Office, etc.


To become an accountant, you can choose accountancy or commerce as your main subject for graduation or opt for different short-term accounting courses. Note that having a graduation degree in accountancy will not help you land your dream job. Employers value your skills more than your education in today’s competitive world. If you are looking for a prestigious accounting career, you can choose long-term accounting courses like CA, CS, ACCA, CMA USA, etc. But if you don’t have that many resources in hand to go for these long-term courses, short-term courses may be best suited for you. These courses will help you build a promising career within a short period. Moreover, these courses don’t demand a specific degree or qualification. To enrol in such classes, you need to have only higher secondary education as your primary education.


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