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Resume Writing Tips to Land Your Dream Accounting Job

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Tips to prepare your accounting job resume


Are you someone who has always had a flair for accounting but does not know how to begin your career? You know you want that job desperately. You feel it’s time for a fresh start and thinks you deserve better pay. You are ready to delve into a challenging career that will satisfy you by doing something worthwhile. But you are hardly getting any interview calls. What do you think is wrong?

If you are a person who has skills, but you are not getting any answers from the interviews that you have attended, the problem lies within your resume. You may have made a few mistakes while preparing your accounting job resume.

As per studies, recruiting people to spend only a few seconds browsing through your resume, and if they find anything out of order in your resume, they lose interest in you and look for better candidates. But for you, that mistake is lethal.

Do not worry, as we are here to help you go through those mistakes and help you prepare a professional and classic resume that will get you noticed among hirers.

accounting job resume

What is a resume?

A resume is an official document that a job applicant makes to highlight their qualifications for a particular job. It often comes with a cover letter that tells them why you are interested in the job or company. It also helps you grab the attention of people hiring towards your relevant details on the resume.


Mistakes  to avoid while preparing a accounting job resume

Your employers want your past working experience, and when you don’t show it, they are not sure you are the right candidate. Detailing about past work experience makes you a possible person to land the job. Explain for whom you worked and how.

Another point to note is that they want to know how you progressed in your 7 to 10 years as a accounts manager or supervisor. If you don’t show that, you lose out on the job.

Always highlight your unique skills in both the areas of practice and the industries you specialize in. Make it stand out in the resume. You may create a sidebar to list your practice areas and industry lines. This method often works. It helps the recruiter validate who you are as a professional and if you fit the role and its requirements.

A recruiter will find it alarming if you have changed many jobs, significantly less than two years. They will ask, ‘Are you afraid of committing to a company?’ And if there’s a gap between jobs, you need to explain why. The reason should be genuine and not bluffing. It can be either personal or professional. Always remain genuine. Include dates of employment.

Often, employers want to hire professionals who have had similar work experience. Hence, it is crucial to include your previous employer’s name and a short description.

Always include your tech skills as the employer finds this attractive, as it makes you a person they can count on. Be specific about your skills, like which software you have used in the past.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) helps employers review candidates and hire. Hence, include keywords in your resume. For example, if your skill is Communication, let that stand out in your resume.

Preferably, all resumes should be a single page. Employers don’t have the time or patience to go through a very detailed overview. So, the maximum number of pages can be two, not more than that.

You can make the resumes shorter by starting from your latest experience and going chronologically. Highlight the essential skills and do not include too many details. Employers have paid extra attention to the last few years.

Fancy resumes catch the eye of the employer. The point is to sell your skills, experience and knowledge. So, go for standard formatting, bold colours, diagrams and charts with your interests, strengths and weaknesses on an Excel spreadsheet. Do not go for fancy fonts.

Proofreading your resume will help you avoid making mistakes shown in the resume.

Make your Accounting job resume short and accurate. Prepare an outstanding resume. Make the facts stand out. This will surely get you called for an interview, and you may land your dream job.


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