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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Accounting in India 2024

Highest paying accounting jobs in accounting in India

Are you thinking about selecting a job after graduation? You need clarification about how to make the best choices. Before choosing a career, take your time and think carefully. Thoroughly consider all the different options, including the highest-paying accounting jobs in India that fit you best. This can help you decide and choose a career that fits your goals and dreams.

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Accounting 

Accounting is a career with plenty of job options. Although challenging, one can do it by correctly understanding the work’s nature. You can find satisfaction and prosperity in your accounting career by dedicating yourself to the job and continuously improving your skills.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is one of the best, highest paying jobs in India. They study how a company operates to see how well it’s doing. Analyzing its processes and systems helps the company make proper decisions and improve its performance. Business analyst profession is one of the highest paying accounting jobs in India. Business Analysts can earn an average of above INR 6.5 Lakhs per year in India.

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants have many job options. They can be executors, company directors, or help settle disputes. Only exceptional accountants, called Chartered Accountants, can be auditors in India. Because India’s economy is growing, there is more demand for these particular accountants. There are 10,000 new chartered accountants needed every year. Chartered Accountants can earn a maximum salary of INR 7.83 LPA, but the best ones can earn more than INR 20 LPA.

Company Secretary

Company Secretaries handle tasks like setting up, combining, or closing down companies. Their job now includes managing corporate governance and legal matters. Generally, a company secretary should have skills of detailed knowledge of accounting. They can earn around INR 5.82 LPA.

Cost Accountant

Being a Cost Accountant is an excellent job for accountants in India. As more companies compete, they must control their spending to make money. This means there’s a significant demand for Cost Accountants. The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) looks after the training and exams for Cost Accountants.

Cost accountants, or management accountants, gather and study financial information. They make reports for company recruiters, helping them plan their business moves. In India, Cost Accountants usually earn about INR 5.01 LPA on average. However, the best ones can make over INR 10 LPA.

Financial Analyst

To become a financial analyst, one should learn math and analyze things carefully. One also should have the capability to understand accounting, business, and economics, and being able to communicate well is a must.

Highest paying jobs in accounting in india

Financial analysts do multiple jobs. Some of the roles, like investment analysts, suggest where to invest money, and risk analysts check how risky investments might be. Budget analysts make reports about budgets, and credit analysts study people’s credit histories to see if they can be lent money. In India, financial analysts usually earn about INR 4.02 LPA on average. 


The Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) is in charge of training actuaries in India. From 2002, the actuarial science course has become very famous. One should clear the exam to join the IAI. Many students in the commerce stream select this course because of their math and statistics skills.

The job is to predict future uncertainties and determine how they’ll affect finances based on past data. You need strong math, statistics, modeling, business sense, and communication skills. Actuaries can earn an average of INR 8.11 LPA.

Investment Banker

Investment Banking is generally suitable for people who think about investing money for a profit ratio. If anyone is interested in accounting services, this is the best option for the highest-paying accounting jobs in India. The maximum salary of an Investment banker can earn between INR 4 Lakhs in India.

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants are like financial detectives. They investigate money matters within companies, looking for any signs of shady dealings or fraud. By carefully studying financial records and transactions, they uncover any irregularities. They’re also skilled at explaining their findings in court. Forensic accountants are paid quite well for their expertise because they’re good at sniffing financial wrongdoing.

Tax Manager/Director

Tax Managers manage all things tax-related in a company. They look out for all the tax procedures that must be appropriately filed. Tax managers deal with audits and solve tax-related problems efficiently. Because understanding tax laws and saving money are so important, tax managers get paid handsomely for their work.

Management Consultant 

Finance-focused management consultants act as financial advisors for businesses. They help companies to find out how to invest money. And also they will find ways to improve a company’s financial operations by studying financial data and processes. Their work includes things like budgeting, resource management, and risk control. Because they’re good at making companies more profitable, finance-focused management consultants get paid well for their advice.

These listed above are some of the highest-paying accounting jobs in India. Apart from these, the accounting sector has plenty of career opportunities. Look into SpotGiraffe to learn more about top accounting careers in India. Job seekers can easily find jobs by filtering based on their qualifications, preferred locations, and desired salaries. SpotGiraffe is a website specializing in accounting and finance jobs.

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