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How to List Achievements on a Resume in 2023 [Examples]

How to List Achievements on a Resume

In today’s job market, which continues to evolve in 2023 and beyond, recruiters are increasingly seeking substantiated evidence of your qualifications for a role. Simply listing your skills and achievements on a resume is no longer adequate; what matters now is demonstrating how you’ve translated those qualifications into action. Employers value quantifiable achievements that demonstrate hard work and expertise. These achievements validate your abilities and serve as compelling proof of your potential value to prospective employers.

Why Should You Showcase Achievements on Your Resume?

Including professional achievements on your resume is essential for several compelling reasons. These achievements are potent indicators of your motivation and drive to excel in your chosen field. They go beyond meeting basic job requirements and demonstrate your proactive approach to making a significant impact. Moreover, showcasing your achievements underscores your ability to apply your education and knowledge effectively. It’s not just about possessing skills; it’s about using them to achieve tangible results.

Furthermore, achievements on your resume signify your capacity to innovate, solve problems, and exceed expectations. They show that you are a resourceful professional who can rise above the routine responsibilities outlined in job descriptions. Ultimately, your achievements prove your competence in real-life situations, highlighting your aptitude for translating theoretical knowledge into practical, measurable outcomes. Incorporating these achievements into your resume sets you apart from other candidates and makes a compelling case for your potential value to prospective employers.

Where to List Achievements on a Resume?

Incorporating achievements into a resume often limited to two A4-size pages, can pose a challenge due to space constraints. To address this, there are several approaches you can consider. One option is to create a dedicated section specifically for listing your accomplishments. Following your work history and educational background, this section can be positioned toward the end of your resume. However, keeping your achievements concise and impactful is essential with limited space available.

Alternatively, you can seamlessly weave your achievements into the existing sections of your resume. For instance, one earned during academic pursuits can be mentioned alongside your educational qualifications. Similarly, achievements from your professional experiences can be integrated into the bullet points detailing your job responsibilities. The key is to be brief and concise, focusing on quantifiable results or noteworthy recognitions. If you find insufficient room to adequately showcase your achievements within your resume, consider elaborating on them in your cover letter. This allows you to expand upon your qualifications and achievements more comprehensively, ensuring potential employers fully understand your capabilities.

Types of Achievements

Employers seek achievements that resonate with their organisational requirements. They want to see how you’ve effectively carried out your responsibilities. Merely copying job descriptions and inserting them into your resume lacks impact. To craft a more compelling resume, employ action verbs and illustrate how you elevated your responsibilities into achievements at a higher level. Achievements can be categorised as either qualitative or quantitative. Here are some prevalent examples of achievements to include on a resume:

Qualitative Achievements

  1. Enhanced day-to-day operations and optimised workflow processes.
  2. Facilitated the organisation of trade fairs, talk shows, teleconferences, and stakeholder visits for top executives, earning multiple letters of appreciation.
  3. Played a pivotal role in processing soiled notes, clearing a remarkable five lakh in record time. Recognized with the Best Team Award at the annual function on behalf of the entire team and received the Best Team Player Award.
  4. Conducted a comprehensive review of outdated records and successfully eliminated them, earning an award from internal inspection.
  5. Compiled historical records into a compressed format and established a new, organised database for all accounting data.
  6. Implemented group policies for departmental computers, streamlining operations through a remote server.
  7. Reconciled sales accounts with receipts, simplifying access for accountants.
  8. Managed receivable accounts by diligently pursuing bill and invoice receipts.
  9. Spearheaded the development of a revamped shop-floor operating policy and machine layout for the workshop, reducing fatigue and enhancing raw material throughput.
  10. Stepped up as the team leader without managerial staff, ensuring the store’s uninterrupted functionality.
  11. Represented the company at the International Committee of Manufacturers and successfully restored goodwill through effective communication.

Quantitative Achievements

  1. Successfully resolved a record-high of 86 customer queries within a single working day.
  2. Spearheaded annual fundraising initiatives for charity, raising over four lakh rupees.
  3. Influenced customer engagement, resulting in a substantial increase in annual turnover, from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs in previous years.
  4. Achieved a remarkable sales boost of over 15% by providing proactive customer service and implementing organic publicity and recommendations.
  5. Orchestrated a highly efficient open day at the local university, opening a record-breaking 73 student accounts at the bank.
  6. Elevated fixed deposit amounts by more than 12 lakh rupees compared to the previous financial year.
  7. Significantly reduced working hours by over 30% through localising sales and implementing indigenous promotions and campaigns.

Using the Right Language to Highlight Achievements

Space is a precious commodity in resume writing, and hiring managers are often inundated with numerous applications. It should be concise and laser-focused to make your resume stand out effectively. The language you use to present your achievements is pivotal in conveying your value to HR professionals. Employing subtle language can help paint a positive image of yourself. For instance, consider saying, “I was entrusted with the opportunity to lead the team,” rather than, “I proactively took charge and led the team.” Similarly, opt for phrases like, “I was assigned a challenging task,” instead of, “I completed a challenging task that nobody else wanted to undertake.”

By using the correct language, you can ensure that your achievements are presented in a way that grabs the attention of hiring managers and underscores your suitability for the role.


Customer Service Achievements

  • Achieved and maintained an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 95% throughout 2019.
  • Consistently resolved 20-25 customer tickets daily, showcasing exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • Conducted retention calls with dissatisfied customers, persuading 20% to continue using our software, effectively preserving customer loyalty.

Cashier Achievements

  • Training and supervising five fellow cashiers over two years at Company X provided leadership.
  • Demonstrated exceptional performance by receiving the Employee of the Month award for outstanding contributions in June, August, and December.

Office Manager Achievements

  • Successfully initiated negotiations and secured deals with new office supply providers, resulting in an impressive 20% reduction in annual supply expenses.
  • Played a pivotal role in recruiting, training, and managing a team comprising over 15 cleaning and maintenance staff members.

Administrative Assistant Achievements

  • Worked closely with senior management, efficiently coordinating their daily schedules, meetings, flights, and appointments.
  • Maintained productive daily communication with more than 20 company partners and clients, ensuring effective collaboration and client satisfaction.
  • Facilitated the onboarding process for 14 new employees during my tenure at Company X.

Accountant Achievements

  • Effectively managed an annual budget of $400,000 over seven years, demonstrating impeccable financial stewardship.
  • Collaborated with a team of 3 accountants to generate comprehensive financial reports encompassing all activities across eight departments.
  • Played a crucial role in enabling Company X to consistently stay within its budget for the past three consecutive years, contributing to fiscal responsibility and financial stability.

Financial Analyst Achievements

  • Spearheaded implementing and streamlining cutting-edge data management procedures, resulting in a remarkable 5% improvement in the company’s operational efficiency.
  • Successfully managed and executed five diverse projects, each with a budget exceeding $200,000, demonstrating effective financial oversight.
  • A noteworthy reduction of 7% in labour and material costs contributed to enhanced cost-effectiveness and profitability.

Bank Teller Achievements

  • Diligently processed over 30 customer transactions daily, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Fostered strong relationships with more than 40 regular customers, making a concerted effort to remember each individual’s name and preferences.
  • Played a pivotal role in onboarding and training three new bank tellers, ensuring their swift assimilation of the bank’s rules and policies.

Branch Manager Achievements

  • Employed advanced web technologies, social media, resume databases, and networking event referrals to source qualified candidates, simultaneously achieving a remarkable 35% reduction in hiring costs.
  • Actively engaged in community affairs to elevate branch visibility and forge new business opportunities, contributing to community integration and growth.
  • Provided exemplary customer relations and promoted a sales and service culture through coaching, guidance, and motivation of staff, fostering a service-oriented work environment.

Recruiter Achievements

  • Strategically planned, organised, and executed hiring events in collaboration with 12 local community organisations, facilitating presentations that showcased Novorésumé career opportunities.
  • Maintained data integrity within the applicant tracking system, ensuring the timely entry and visibility of recruitment activities within ATS/CRM technologies and optimising data management processes.

Data Analyst Achievements

  • Leveraged Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to implement new scripts, resulting in an impressive 25% increase in performance.
  • Transformed data into actionable insights by employing predictive modelling techniques, contributing to a 10% increase in revenue during the previous year.
  • Effectively reduced customer churn by an impressive 15% by conducting forecast analysis based on collected data, strategically retaining valuable clientele.

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