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How to Write a Job Rejection Email (Templates Included)

Job Rejection Email

While many may view the recruitment process as concluded upon selecting and onboarding suitable candidates. It’s crucial to recognize that sending job rejection emails to those who didn’t make the final selection is equally integral to the process. The process extends beyond hiring, encompassing thoughtful communication with candidates who still need to be selected. Crafting respectful and informative job rejection emails demonstrates transparency, professionalism, and a commitment to fostering positive employer-candidate relationships. This leaves candidates with a positive impression of the organization and helps build a talent pool for future opportunities.

Why is it Essential to Send Job Rejection Emails?

A job rejection email serves as a formal communication channel with candidates who have yet to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process. This notification informs them that their participation in your company’s ongoing recruitment is officially concluding. Unfortunately, some organizations overlook this crucial aspect of the recruitment procedure, opting for silence to convey to candidates that they won’t advance to the next recruitment phase.

Tips for Crafting an Effective Candidate Rejection Email

Effective Candidate Rejection Email

Timely Communication

Avoid delaying the rejection notification. It’s best to send a rejection email promptly, preferably within a week of the candidate’s interaction with your company, regardless of whether they reached the interview stage. Timely communication demonstrates respect for the candidate’s time and keeps them informed without unnecessary delays.


Personalizing rejection emails is crucial, as up to 77% of employers incorporate some personalization. Address candidates by their official name and title in the email. Mention the specific role they applied for and express gratitude for their interest in joining your organization. These personalized touches acknowledge and appreciate the candidate’s efforts, helping to mitigate any potential negative feelings or perceptions resulting from the rejection.

Emphasize Conciseness

While acknowledging the difficulty of rejection, keeping your job rejection emails concise is essential. Please recognize that the news is challenging for any candidate to receive, and therefore, aim to minimize the impact by avoiding extensive blocks of text or requiring them to read between the lines to understand their status in the hiring process.

Encourage Feedback

Even though 86% of job seekers appreciate constructive feedback, only 57% receive it. In light of this, ensure that your rejection email template includes an opportunity for candidates to seek feedback on their performance during recruitment. It’s advisable to assign the responsibility of crafting job rejection emails to recruiters rather than non-recruitment personnel. Direct interaction between recruiters and candidates in this context can facilitate the provision of valuable feedback. This feedback not only helps candidates understand areas for improvement but also contributes to softening the impact of rejection.

Encourage Future Applications

Receiving a rejection today doesn’t mean a closed door forever. It is advisable to communicate to candidates that a setback does not equate to a permanent rejection. Let candidates know they are welcome to apply for future opportunities within your company. If other open positions align better with their skills or experience, kindly direct rejected candidates to explore those options.

Job Rejection Email Template

Effective Subject Line

Ensure that the subject line succinctly conveys the email’s purpose. Include the job title to provide a quick understanding of the email’s content.

Courteous Acknowledgment

Maintain a respectful tone in candidate rejection emails. Express gratitude for the candidate’s application, time, and efforts invested in the recruitment process, irrespective of the stage of their participation.

Timely Application Update

Only delay the delivery of unfavorable news until the conclusion of the email. Clearly and promptly inform the candidate about their non-progression to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Constructive Feedback

Articulate the decision-making process to the candidate, steering clear of generic remarks that may prompt further inquiries. Highlight specific aspects of their application and performance that stood out positively while offering guidance on areas that can be enhanced. If providing personalized feedback poses challenges, consider omitting this section.

Guidance on Next Steps

Clearly outline the candidate’s recommended actions for the future and elucidate how their information will be managed. If the candidate aligns well with your company’s culture, provide your email address or that of a recruiting manager to foster potential future connections. However, carefully conclude the relationship to understand if the candidate’s skills or abilities suit your company.

Professional Closure

Conclude the email with a formal salutation, accompanied by your name and job title, maintaining a tone consistent with standard work correspondence.


Subject: Regarding Your Application with [Company Name]

Hello [Candidate Name],

I hope this message finds you well.

Thank you for applying for the [ABC] position and participating in the [relevant test and interviews]. Your interest in joining [Company] is highly valued, and we appreciate the dedication you demonstrated throughout the process.

After careful consideration of your application and the [test/interview] results, we regret to inform you that we will not be advancing with your application. Our decision was influenced by selecting another candidate with more extensive [skill/qualification] experience.

However, we recognize your potential value to our company culture. Consequently, we would like to retain your details for future opportunities that align with your competencies. We will reach out to discuss potential matches if a suitable position arises.

We currently have several open positions in [XYZ] if you’re interested. Explore these opportunities by visiting [URL] for more details.

I wish you continued success in your career endeavors.

Kind Regards,

Your name,

Your Title


[Company Name] Talent Team

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