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How to Write Effective Job Postings: Job Description and Skills

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When a prospective job seeker clicks on your job posting, you’ve initiated a crucial step toward converting interest into application. However, this pivotal moment hinges on the content of your posting—whether it provides the correct information and compels them to apply or prompts a hasty click on the “Back” button. To ensure success in this critical stage, your job postings must cater to the needs and expectations of your target candidates.

The job description and skills section is the key to providing relevant information to job seekers. This section should be a concise summary that offers insights into the primary responsibilities, tasks, and skills required for the open position. By communicating your expectations clearly, you help job seekers make informed decisions about their qualifications, resulting in a more qualified pool of applicants.

Tips to Write Effective Job Postings

Tips to Write Effective Job Postings

Crafting an Engaging Job Description

A well-structured job description comprises two crucial elements: a concise overview of the role and detailed job responsibilities. The key is to present significant information without overwhelming job seekers. In a job market flooded with content, brevity, and clarity are paramount for sustained interest.

Summarizing the Job Role

The position overview, often in paragraph form, offers job seekers a glimpse into their potential day-to-day responsibilities. Establish a personal connection with the candidate by addressing them directly, avoiding generic terms like “the incumbent” or “the right candidate.” This approach fosters a sense of personal investment and encourages candidates to envision themselves thriving in the role.

Craft brief statements infused with descriptive language to add vibrancy and excitement. Additionally, seize the opportunity to convey why this position is an exceptional opportunity, illustrating its significance in contributing to your company’s mission.

  • Ineffective: The incumbent will handle all receptionist duties, including greeting clients.
  • Practical: You will serve as the first impression for our executive offices.
  • Ineffective: This position is responsible for generating sales and servicing customers.
  • Practical: You will be responsible for actively closing sales, providing exceptional customer service, and becoming an integral part of our progressive team environment.

Adopting a more engaging and personalized approach makes your job description a powerful tool in attracting qualified candidates and inspiring them to envision a fulfilling career within your organization.

Clearly Outlining Key Job Responsibilities

This section highlights the five most crucial job duties using concise bullet points for easy readability. Employing “to be” verbs instead of “ing” verbs adds power and clarity to your statements, ensuring that job seekers can quickly grasp the essential responsibilities.


  • Duties include supporting VP level management and above, making travel arrangements, calendar management, scheduling, procurement, meeting notes, assisting in producing PowerPoint presentations, filing, typing, setting up meetings to include arrangements for food, etc.


  • Manage and coordinate the schedules for executive management.
  • Make reservations for flight and hotel accommodations.
  • Perform administrative responsibilities, including taking notes during meetings, preparing correspondence, and managing files.
  • Assist with the production of sales presentations.
  • Contribute to special projects as assigned.

By streamlining and clarifying your job responsibilities, you create a more impactful and reader-friendly job description that allows potential candidates to quickly understand and connect with the role’s core responsibilities.

Enhancing Readability for an Engaging Job Posting

Crafting an effective job posting involves presenting enough information to be attractive and thorough while avoiding the inclusion of non-essential tasks. To ensure ease of reading, steer clear of listing an exhaustive array of closely related skills.


  • The incumbent for this job will have experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, typing, filing, maintaining file systems, data entry, taking notes in meetings, and completing general office duties as assigned.


  • If you’re the correct person for this opportunity, you may have previous experience providing administrative support to a busy office and using Microsoft Office.

By condensing and summarizing skills and qualifications, you create a more appealing job posting that simplifies potential candidates’ ability to grasp the essential requirements of the role quickly. This approach encourages a more engaged and focused response from qualified applicants.

Clearly Outlining Qualifications and Skill Requirements

Once a job seeker is captivated by your job opportunity, the next crucial step is to provide transparent information about the qualifications and skills required. Utilize bullet points for easy scanning, ensuring candidates can swiftly assess their eligibility.

Commence by detailing the “required skills,” encompassing the essential skills, educational achievements, and experience imperative for the job. Conclude the list with “preferred skills,” which represent attributes that, while not mandatory, are highly desired in the ideal candidate. This may include additional education, industry-specific background, or proficiency in specific programs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field appropriate to the area of assignment and five years of related administrative experience, including three years of supervisory experience; OR, Nine years of related administrative experience, including three years of supervisory experience; Or any equivalent of education and experience.


  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent of education and experience
  • Five years of related administrative experience
  • Three years of supervisory experience
  • Ability to adjust to a changing atmosphere and handle multiple priorities
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills
  • Hubspot and Google Analytics experience a plus

By presenting qualifications and skills clearly and concisely, you make it easier for job seekers to determine their eligibility and encourage qualified candidates to apply confidently.

Showcasing Organizational Values & Culture

Beyond educational and experiential qualifications, aligning with your company’s culture is paramount in selecting the right candidate. Utilize this section to illuminate your company’s mission, vision, and values, offering candidates valuable insights into your organizational ethos. Additionally, highlight critical attributes of your company culture and workplace, vividly portraying the environment candidates can expect. Conclude by listing personality traits common among your most successful team members.


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