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Powerful Job Interview Tips and Hacks

job interview tips

A few successful job interview tips are discussed below:

Are you nervous about your first interview? It would be best to focus on your preparation for a successful interview. The impression you make at the interview has more value than your education and skills. They will evaluate your social and communication skills and attitude along with your education and experience. Sometimes there will be multiple interview rounds before the final selection. You must approach each session appropriately. Then only you can increase the chance of getting selected. Irrespective of the field, there are some general guidelines all candidates have to follow before going for a job interview


Job Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired


13 job interview tips

Be Prepared

Preparation is essential before attending an interview. Please do thorough research about the company and the interviewer. You can search on various social media platforms to extract information. Knowing about the business and company will boost your confidence, and you will be able to perform better. Also, be ready for the mode of interview. Now the traditional format of the interview is slowly fading, and new forms like out-of-office interviews, phone and video interviews and group interviews are becoming more popular. So you need first to understand the format of your interview and prepare accordingly. Don’t be lousy in the discussions because the interviewers are serious about their profession.

Practice Makes Perfect

You must have heard the proverb ‘practise makes a man perfect, and it is 100% true. Your practice will surely help you in your interview. You can practice your speech, listening skills and body language before attending an interview. Don’t shy away from demanding help from family and friends in practising. You can practise some common questions asked during the interview. In almost all interviews, you can expect questions like self-introduction, your strength, weakness, etc. In addition, you can prepare some questions for the interviewer himself. It showcases your credibility towards the job.

Remain professional from the very beginning

Please note that you need to impress everyone in the office, from the doorman to higher authorities. So be humble and polite to everyone.

Dress up professionally

Your dressing style plays a significant role in impressing the interviewers. Try not to stick on to traditional attire. Wear well-fitting clothes with simple accessories on and ensure that your clothes are free of wrinkles and holes. Dress according to the occasion. You can call your interviewer to ask about the dress code if you are confused.

Bring copies of your resume.

Take at least three to five copies of your resume. You don’t know how many interviewers are there until you enter the room. All of them might not have gone through your resume. You can pass on the copies to each one of them. In this way, you can impress the interviewers.

Be on time

Be an early bird for the interview. Try to reach at least 10 to 15 minutes early on the interview spot. It helps you to remain calm and showcases your professionalism.

Carry a small notepad and pen

You can carry a small notepad and pen with you for the interview. But remember not to scribble anything during the interview; it will create a bad image of you. Pay full attention to your interviewers during the interview. Once it is over, you can immediately note down all the points mentioned in the discussion and your own experiences, like how you feel about the interview.

Please the interviewer with a handshake and smile

Greet your employer with a firm handshake and a pleasing smile. Do make eye contact while you are talking. But don’t stare at them, making them uncomfortable.

Spend some time building rapport

Don’t jump directly to your point. It is that opportunity where you can develop an emotional bonding with your potential employer. So try to discuss something out of the syllabus. You can talk about today’s fine weather, how their office is beautifully organised and things like that. You can follow the interviewer’s lead.

Be honest

Of course, you will be nervous at the time of the interview, and the interviewer knows that. But don’t tell lies to grab the job. Your single lie will create a lot of trouble for you in the long run, and you will lose your authenticity. Listen carefully to whatever the interviewer says and answer accordingly. Don’t degrade your previous employers or teachers. It would help if you showcased your loyalty to your profession.

Be ready for personal questions.

Some interviewers may ask questions that are uncomfortable for you. But don’t lose your composure. Remain calm and answer them accordingly. They are testing your stress management skills. So show patience throughout the interview.

Close on a positive note

Thank the interviewers for their precious time and ask about the next step. Don’t forget to express your interest in the job—part with a firm handshake and pleasing smile.

Remember to follow up.

Send a thank you mail to the interviewer after the interview, mentioning the key points. Don’t forget to express your desire for the job in the mail. It will bring a lot of changes to your career.

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