accounting and finance jobs

Job Description

Job Track Description:

  • Performs tasks based on established procedures.
  • Uses data organizing and coordination skills to perform business support or technical work.
  • Requires vocational training, certifications, licensures, or equivalent experience.

General Profile

  • Limited prior training or licenses and training certifications.
  • Has basic operational or analytical skills to perform tasks.
  • Works within clearly defined standard operating procedures and adheres to quality guidelines.
  • Work is completed with close supervision or under defined procedures.

Functional Knowledge

  • Requires a basic understanding of theories, practices, and procedures.

Business Expertise

  • Supports the achievement of company goals by understanding team integration and best ways to integrate teams.


  • Impacts the accuracy of own work.
  • Receives close supervision and duties are clearly defined.
  • Methods and tasks are described in detail.


  • Has no supervisory responsibilities.

Problem Solving

  • Uses existing procedures to solve standard problems.
  • Has limited opportunity to exercise discretion.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Exchanges information and ideas effectively.

Responsibility Statements

  • Performs first level review of the accounting process and documents using standard operating instructions.
  • Reviews and verifies invoices.
  • Understands invoice, receipt, payment issues, and check requests.
  • Escalates documents requiring attention to be completed.
  • Achieves productivity and quality targets set by the project team lead.
  • Performs any other first-level tasks assigned.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Complies with all policies and standards.
Job Overview