accounting and finance jobs
  • Visit leads identified by RM/Branch; Conduct personal discussion; Evaluate business and management related risk.
  • Carry our customer due diligence in consultation with RM/CH using the GO/NO GO criteria.
  • Conduct financial statement analysis including Ratio analysis and Cash flow analysis.
  • Conduct Credit Rating of the borrower and the facilities extended.
  • Review the industry performance through external research reports.
  • Review property valuation reports and ensure compliance to valuation guidelines.
  • Compute Credit limits and RAROC for loan applications.
  • Verification of MCA site in case of Corporates to ensure the veracity of Balance Sheets submitted.
  • Submit credit proposals to the appropriate sanctioning authority for sanction.
  • Liaise with CCH/NCH/RCH for timely sanction of the proposal; obtain sanction within specified turnaround times.


Job Overview