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We are looking for a Finance E-Learning Specialist who will be responsible for handling all the research and the content development based on this research for all new or existing products/courses/sessions etc. as decided by the management. He/She will also have the role of a course facilitator, trainer, video content presenter, etc. as needed.


1. In-depth research into identifying materials or solution requirements for the target audience.
2. Knack to adapt and innovate teaching techniques.
3. Conduct a preliminary detailed study about the viability of a product/course/session etc. and prepare a business case study to be submitted to the management.
4. Setting learning objectives clearly after careful analysis.
5. Prepare an initial high-level syllabus and after approval prepares a detailed curriculum for a course/session etc.
6. Building templates, prototypes, test courses, free courses, etc. as necessary.
7. Create, oversee, supervise or assist in the development of all course contents after in-depth an thorough research. Organizing the content in a way that presents the most important and interesting aspects first.
8. Ensuring all content matches established learning objectives.
9. Verifying and proofreading every content created in Finprov such as for course material, brochures, flyers, etc. Establishing and maintaining the highest quality in all content developed.
10.Build Effective learning products and leverage knowledge of common misconceptions.
11. Taking the role of a course facilitator -Researching, Inculcating design and scripting for videos
12. Should creatively visualize and communicate concepts in varied learning styles
13. Conduct a competitor study during equal intervals and keep updating the document to ensure the company maintains its competitive position.
14.Analyze and apply new Learning Theories, global and local education Product trends.
15. Document all phases of research and development.
16. Communicates effectively in visual, oral, and written
17. Train juniors on effective research and development methods
18. Research new innovations, topics, subjects in the finance & accounting world and education world and maintain the position of a thought leader
19. Should have Learn and Grow attitude, and have a mindset to thrive in fast and furious ever changing and cross functional environment.


1. Hardworking, Attention to detail, and an attribute for perfection
2. Thirst for knowledge
3. Proactive and ready to take initiative
4. Excellent verbal communication and presentation skills
5. Proficiency in writing and speaking English and Malayalam is mandatory

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