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What you’ll do:

  • Darkstore Operations Handling :
  1. Control shrinkage at store, and ensure complete adherence to SOPs & processes.
  2. Ensure quick fulfillment of orders in the shift while meeting customer expectations and delivery SLAs.
  3. Achieve L0 Metrics targets at the store
  4. Ensure/Monitor that all assets are in working condition, and are accounted for.
  5. Ensure timely completion of inbound and outbound activities (No pending Inbound / dock should be greater than 4 hours)
  6. Callouts for Tech issues and system issue if any along with raising tickets
  7. On time cash reco to be done
  8. Picking & Put away to be done on time.
  9. Ensuring all the vehicles are parked at the right place near the facility.
  • Inventory Handling :
  1. Manage store inventory, and conduct daily assessments on inventory health.
  2. Ensuring all order are cleared as per schedule
  • Manpower Management :
  1. Manage off-roll employees, and ensure timely updates on availability & performance of store staff.
  2. Managing People roaster
  • Vendor Handling :
  1. Liaise with last mile delivery executives to ensure timely delivery of orders to customers.
  2. All vendor invoices to be cleared on time
  • Audit & Quality :
  1. Ensure audit scores at the dark store remain well above mandated thresholds.
  2. Maintaining Flipkart’s standards of hygiene & quality across darkstores.
  3. Maintaining 5s in the store
  • MIS & Reporting :
  1. Generate timely reports on store activities, and metrics.



What you’ll need:


  • MBA/Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Minimum 2-5 years experience with warehousing,supply chain,FMCG
  • Strong experience in scaling up of operations or greenfield scaleup experience
  • Strong analytical approach to problem-solving with a metrics-driven focus
  • Knowledge of fulfillment/warehouse/ distribution/first – mid – last mile operations
  • Extraordinary Change Management skills: Processes, Policies, Training & Systems
Job Overview