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Relationship Building In Your Accounting Career: How Important Is It?

relationship building in your accounting career

It’s vital that a client must have complete faith in their accountant while making decisions on real estate, running a business, creating a new business strategy, or planning their retirement. Lack of trust, ineffective communication, and a lack of personal touch could result in poor client outcomes and pose significant problems for your practice if you lose an important client. The relationships you build will make the difference between a client’s success and failure when an account adopts a less transactional position due to digital processes, expanded self-service choices, and technological developments.


Importance of Relationship Building in Accounting Career

relationship building in accounting career


 Have an assured consultation

Knowing your employer better enables you to contribute successfully to the company’s objectives. To ensure that your position and function are consistently and actively aligned with the leadership’s vision:

  1. Schedule routine check-ins with them.
  2. Since you are an authority on the subject, don’t be hesitant to talk frankly and honestly about improving budgets and efficiencies.
  3. Maintain your leadership’s trust by consistently adding value to the business and your interactions with them.

The process of consulting builds trusts steadily over time.



Employing Feedback to Improve Performance

To enhance your work performance:

  1. Ask for comments from your management.
  2. When you reach checkpoints on a lengthy assignment, inquire about your progress.
  3. Find out what a client thought of a project you finished.

Schedule regular meetings with your boss to address your most recent accomplishments and concerns. Employers will see that you are committed to enhancing your work.


Find Possibilities

Building relationships enables you to take advantage of possibilities you would not have otherwise had. You can come upon a position that hasn’t been listed, get a recommendation from a coworker, or use contact as a character reference. You may expand your knowledge and expertise in your sector, gain insight from other people’s viewpoints, and profit from their advice on career experiences by establishing connections with other experts in your business. You receive guidance, support, and career assistance. You gain knowledge about industry trends, best practices, and how to help others in your area.


Develop in Your Field as an Expert

You can develop into an administrator in your profession by maintaining relationships. Offer ideas on how your customers or management could work more effectively or efficiently. Use your knowledge, expertise, and experience in the business to assist clients in creating solutions that go above and beyond their expectations. To help your clients in expanding their businesses, provide guidance and resources. Employers are interested in learning how you might benefit their business.


Interpersonal significance

Our advancement in life and at work largely depends on our relationships with coworkers, classmates, friends, and family. In an automated environment, interpersonal skills in the accounting industry are becoming more and more salient. Recruiters are looking for the top five qualities: communication, leadership, and customer service skills.

Do you think that “I’m here to get the job done, not to make friends” type of person? This not going to work out in your workplace. 


Explain your point of view

The first step in influencing someone is clearly communicating your point of view. Adapting your communication style to how you want to process information and share is a helpful strategy to achieve this.

  • Communication preferences vary among personality types.
  • Headlines, bullet points, and brief sentences are essential for the fast-paced, motivated person. They will favour a short email or text message over a lengthy talk.
  • The generous, outgoing person expects you to be cordial and will respond to tales and analogies to keep the conversation interesting. Call and have a discussion now.
  • The dependable, obedient person will need you to take the time to hear what they have to say, will want to know how they fit into the larger scheme of things, and will like to work in collaboration.
  • The person more concerned with the details and the rules will seek out more information, ask questions, and demand proof of what has been said. They’ll favour having everything in writing.

“Seek first to understand before seeking to be understood”, according to Stephen Covey. This method of connection development is effective because it enables you to modify your communication and message according to the scenario by understanding the context, the people involved, and their priorities.

By tailoring your communication to the preferences of the person you’re interacting with, you enhance your relationship since it feels like your words are being heard and understood and that you are speaking their language.

  1. Mend strained relationships.
  2. Instead of avoiding it in the hopes that it would go away, address the issue. As a result, it has the potential to end smoother. 
  3. Find a solution that benefits both parties and work for a win-win outcome.
  4. Listen and allow all parties a chance to be heard so that nobody feels excluded, dismissed, or ignored. 
  5. Analyze the facts of the case rather than conclude objectively by reviewing the evidence.

Recall these three essential points while you work in the accounting sector:

  1. Problems could arise where there are differences. Consider their skills and contributions instead of labelling a relationship or a person as “difficult.”
  2. Individuals have different ways of thinking. A different viewpoint should be sought; therefore, do that. Something isn’t always wrong just because it contradicts your methodology or thinking.
  3. Utilize your strengths while keeping an eye out for any negative impacts. To adjust for greater influence and impact, be aware of your preferences and style and how that affects your relationships.

Therefore, communication is paramount in the job. Always strive to be someone who can express their points of view and find solutions to problems. Do you have trouble finding employment in the finance sector? Use SpotGiraffe if you’re looking for your ideal career because employers from every area of finance are represented here. Read SpotGiraffe’s article on the qualities and responsibilities of an accountant since continuous development is essential in this field. 




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