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Impressive Skills to put on Resume for Accounting Jobs

skills to put on resume

A resume can be defined as your first introduction to the interviewer about yourself, which is your first step towards the career. If you are a serious career seeker in the accounting sector, then you must have to prepare an impressive resume with impressive skills. It is exciting knowing several opportunities available in the accounting and finance sector, such as an accountant. Junior accountant, senior accountant, tax manager, Budget analyst and auditor etc. No matter what type of accounting position you want, you need to build a strong resume along with impressive skills. Adding skills is always an added advantage, especially for accounting jobs. A perfect resume should cover all the skills.


Best Skills to Put on Resume

skills to add to resume

Accounting Skills

Accounting skills allow you to manage financial transactions accurately and ethically, analyse financial data, and prepare financial reports. These skills are essential for accountants to accurately and ethically manage, analyse and report on an organisation’s financial activities. Listing accounting skills on your resume demonstrates your ability to manage financial transactions and prepare financial statements following applicable regulations and practices.


Accounting standards 

Knowledge of standard accounting principles ensures minimum consistency in preparing financial statements. These standards contain common principles, and procedures auditors must follow when preparing financial statements. This ability is important for maintaining consistency in your organisation’s financial records and reports.


Knowledge of regulatory standards

It is important to understand the regulatory standards of corporate and government finance because accounting involves the management of corporate finance. An accountant must know about the board and enforce rules to protect investors and market integrity. An understanding of applicable regulatory standards is important to ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements and the integrity of records. 


General Business Skills 

Accounting often requires collaboration with employees from other departments or industries as a support function. General business knowledge gives you the basic knowledge you need to succeed outside the financial industry. Understanding the overall business allows you to more accurately assess, record, and report on their financial needs. 


Software skills 

An accountant must know various software, such as word processing and applications of the spreadsheet, as well as specialised accounting software. Specialised accounting software helps with a chart of accounts, general ledger management, account reconciliation, and financial reporting. For instance, familiarisation with ERP, SAP, Quick books, ZohoBooks, Tally, Excel etc., increases your demand and value in the accounting field. 


Data analysis 

Data analysis is a necessary skill in accounting. This includes the ability to extract meaningful information from raw data. Data analysis allows accountants to prepare informative financial reports based on financial data such as account budgets, income, and expenses. It also allows auditors to verify the accuracy of financial information to ensure data integrity and reporting consistency. 


Attention to detail 

Attention to detail is very important in accounting. This capability includes reviewing and identifying inconsistencies in large volumes of data. Attention to detail is required to ensure consistency and accuracy in financial reporting. It allows you to review financial information and create accurate financial reports. 


Effective communication 

Effective communication is a must needed skill that helps to convey ideas and information in a way others can understand. An accounting role requires this skill in both written and verbal communication with individuals and groups. In accounting roles, you may be responsible for preparing and submitting budget presentations, quarterly tax returns, and other financial reports. 


Critical thinking

Critical thinking means analysing each piece of information from all angles. It involves the process of creating concepts, observation, reasoning, etc. An accountant must understand the process clearly; after that, only the accountant should take decisions. It is a more important skill because it helps avoid future mistakes. These skills are used in accounting to prepare financial reports as well as involved in the process of identifying solutions for each problem.



Problem-solving skills which help to find solutions for accounting errors. This skill is necessary for accounting to avoid inaccuracy errors while preparing financial statements. For example, Bank staff should be able to solve errors in financial reports and must have to possess those problem-solving skills. 



The ability to prioritise responsibility helps to complete your task within a given time. An accountant must maintain a regular financial report for a year, monthly or quarterly, along with the taxes. Knowing this skill helps to complete the task easily. It avoids getting a penalty from any of the agencies.


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