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Top 10 Tips to Clear Telephonic Interview

Tips to Clear Telephonic Interview

Is it a common practice in today’s global job market for companies to conduct telephonic interviews, enabling them to evaluate candidates before organizing in-person meetings? This method suits both the company and the job seeker. A telephonic interview usually takes less time for the company than a face-to-face meeting. For the person applying for the job, being on the phone means they can’t be seen. This lets them use helpful cards with notes and look up things online while talking.

Tips to Clear Telephonic Interview

Let’s read some of the ten tips to clear telephonic interviews;

10 Tips to Clear Telephonic Interview

Pick a quiet place

Before the call,

  1. Find a spot where you will be able to continue.
  2. Turn off the TV and radio, keep the kids in another room, and lock your door.
  3. Tell your family not to bother you during your interview.
  4. Use a reliable phone — a landline is best because you don’t want the call to drop suddenly.

Prepare your Documents

Print your resume and cover letter and set them in front of you. Have a pen and paper nearby for notes. You can also turn on your computer if you need to look something up quickly online. Just make sure you type quietly so it’s not too noticeable.

Prepare a cheat sheet

Being unseen is a big plus in a telephonic interview. Think about the questions they might ask and write down your answers on a paper. Make sure it’s easy to read at a glance. Go over these answers before the interview, and also think about other questions they might ask related to your answers.

Maintain a Positive tone

It might feel weird, but try smiling while you talk! Smiling can make your voice sound happier and more energetic, which is good during an interview. Some people even wear formal clothes for a telephone interview to feel more in the zone. If that’ll help you, go ahead and dress up.

Research the company

Look at the company’s website, which you likely visited when you applied for the job. Remind yourself of what the company does. If you know who will be interviewing you, try to find some information about them online.

Make sure to check what the company does on their website. If you know who will talk to you, find out more about them online.

Take the Interview Seriously

Even though it’s just a phone interview, it’s essential. This is your opportunity to leave a good impression and move to the next step. Prepare for it just like you would for a regular, face-to-face interview.

Answer your questions seriously, even though the interview is held via phone. This is your chance to advance to the next level of the interview process. Get ready for it just like you would for a regular interview where you meet in person.

Tips to Clear Telephonic Interview

Ask Thoughtful Questions

At the end of the interview, they might ask if you have any questions. This is your time to show you’re sharp. You can ask about the job, what the company is good at, or how they plan to do well when things get complicated. Asking intelligent questions lets them know you’re keen on the job.

Ask intelligent questions when they ask if you have questions at the end. You can ask about the job, what the company is good at, or how they plan to do well when things are hard. Asking good questions tells them you want the job.

Wait on talking about Salary

Talking about how much you want to get paid is one of the first things that comes up when applying for a job. Generally, it’s better to wait and discuss salary and benefits after completing the hiring process. At this stage, the focus is on showing off your qualifications and proving that you’re the right person for the job before getting into the compensation details.

Clarify Any Remaining Questions

As the interview concludes, inquire if there are any additional questions the person may have for you. It’s an excellent way to make sure nothing important was missed. If they don’t have more questions, you can ask what happens next in the hiring process.

Be polite

Remember to thank you, even if the interview went well. It’s a good idea to send a short thank-you message to the person who interviewed before. 

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