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Best Video Interview Tips That Will Land You the Job

Video Interview Tips

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to find new ways to interview and hire job candidates while maintaining social distancing. As a result, 86% of organizations have turned to virtual interviews. With the pandemic still ongoing, video interviews will continue to be a common practice in the hiring process. Succeeding in a virtual hiring process requires meticulous preparation and practice, mirroring the approach to a traditional in-person interview. Explore the following video interview tips to ensure you feel confident and well-prepared, ready to make a lasting impression.

Video Interview Tips to Get the Job

Refrain from feeling daunted by virtual interviews; a little preparation goes a long way. Take heed of the following advice gathered from expert career advisors.

Video Interview Tips to Get the Job

Plan as if you were preparing for an in-person interview

The content is essential in an interview, so research the company, role, and interviewer. Practice answering common questions and refine your “elevator pitch.”

Some of the common questions are;

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • What makes you the best candidate for this position?

In a virtual setting, non-verbal cues are more challenging to convey. While a firm handshake is absent on Zoom, intense eye contact becomes paramount. Address specific individuals when multiple interviewers are present on the screen.

Sharpen Your Responses and Craft Thoughtful Queries for the Interviewer

Avoid reading from a pre-written script, as you wouldn’t in a face-to-face interview. While tempted to have multiple windows or documents open, refrain from reading canned answers aloud to maintain authenticity. Additionally, formulate thoughtful questions for the interviewer. You might tour the offices and gauge the workplace environment in a traditional setting. Although virtual interviews lack this option, it’s still essential information to seek.

Ensure a Seamless Technology Setup

One of the most crucial virtual interview tips is thoroughly testing your technology setup beforehand. Avoid the stress of troubleshooting internet issues in the initial minutes of your interview by following these tips:

  • Determine the platform you’ll use and download or update it in advance.
  • Restart your computer before the interview.
  • Familiarize yourself with muting and unmuting your microphone.
  • Ensure your computer is fully charged or plugged in for the interview.

Remember that unforeseen issues may still arise despite your best efforts. If they do, heed this advice from Curameng: “Don’t panic if things go awry — it happens and is a natural risk whenever you use technology.”

Set the Perfect Stage

Take advantage of your control over your environment in a virtual interview. Instead of worrying about transportation and reaching an office on time, follow these tips to optimize your space:

  • Choose a quiet space, free from unsightly clutter visible on camera.
  • Showcase your personality by featuring plants, décor, or artwork you’re proud of.
  • Minimize distractions; inform roommates about the interview timing and consider relocating pets.

Ensure good lighting, preferably using natural light from a window. If not, position a lamp or other light source behind your computer (avoid placing it behind you to prevent a shadowy effect)

Perfect Your Angles

After setting up your scene, conduct a test run on the video platform designated for the interview. Pay attention to the following:

  • Ensure your computer screen isn’t too bright, causing distracting reflections in your glasses. Adjust the screen, change your position, or consider wearing contacts if feasible.
  • Find a balance between not looking like a distant dot and avoiding a too-zoomed-in appearance. Aim for a frame with a small space above your head and the tops of your shoulders visible.

Dress for Success

Dressing appropriately is crucial for a video job interview, just like an in-person one. Even if your interview occurs in your kitchen, maintain a formal appearance. While the debate about dressing “only on top” for video calls continues among work-from-home professionals, it’s prudent to dress impeccably from head to toe. This ensures you are prepared for any unexpected mishaps, such as a tilting computer or a mid-interview fall, preventing any wardrobe malfunctions with pajama pants or basketball shorts in view.

Embrace the Conversation

Ultimately, a video interview is a dialogue between you and the interviewer. They aim to assess whether your skills and experience align with the job requirements. Simultaneously, your goal is to gather more information about the opportunity and ascertain if the role and the company align with your career objectives. Both parties should approach the conversation well-prepared, ready to listen, and open to meaningful discussion.

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