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Career after CS

Career after CS

Did you know that a Company Secretary (CS) holds a vital position as one of the primary officers of the company? Their duties include maintaining the company’s records, preparing tax returns, and advising the Board of Directors regarding their legal obligations to ensure that the company adheres to statutory legislation. Candidates who successfully pass the ICSI CS Exam play a critical role in founding a company from the moment the idea of its formation is conceived. However, the specific responsibilities of a company secretary may differ from one company to another. They may extend beyond legal compliance, regulatory affairs, and corporate governance to other management areas.

Essential Skills for Company Secretaries

As a Company Secretary, one is responsible for various administrative tasks, including coordinating meetings, managing travel arrangements, and maintaining attorney or lawyer calendars, minute books, and time entries. In addition, a qualified Company Secretary is responsible for reviewing, preparing, proofreading, and filing legal documents. To carry out these duties efficiently, a Company Secretary must possess several critical skills in high demand, correlated with earning above-average pay. Below is a list of popular skills for Company Secretaries:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Legal Document Review
  • Legal Compliance
  • Minute Taking

Career after CS (Company Secretary)

Career after CS


Company Registrar 

As a Company Registrar, the employee manages the company’s registrations. They are responsible for completing and maintaining reports and regulations for the company’s directors and shareholders. In addition, the Company Registrar administers government reporting on various matters, ensuring that the company complies with all relevant regulatory requirements. The salary for this position is INR 4,95,000 LPA.

Assistant to the Board of Directors 

An Assistant to the Board of Directors’ main work is to assist the board in accomplishing the company’s goals and implementing strategies effectively. They act as a vigorous communication link between the directors and different divisions of the company, ensuring smooth coordination and collaboration among all stakeholders. The Assistant works closely with the directors to provide administrative support and to help streamline operations. In addition, they may be responsible for preparing reports, analysing data, and providing insights and recommendations to the Board of Directors to aid in decision-making. The average salary for an Assistant to the board of directors is INR 4,95,000 LPA.

Corporate Policymaker 

Policymakers are critical in adjusting, changing, or implementing new company policies, laws, and regulations. They can work for both non-governmental and government organisations. Policymakers help in steering rules and political action in favourable ways.

Those willing to work with the government must understand how different political factions work and interact. 

Such policymakers are expected to analyse situations, considering multiple paths and the need for compromise to achieve a specific goal. They need to have a strong understanding of policy issues, excellent communication skills, and the aptitude to collaborate with stakeholders are prerequisites for developing and executing beneficial policies for both the organization and the wider society. The average salary for a Corporate Policymaker is INR 5,00,000 LPA.

Legal Advisor

A legal advisor advises clients on legal documents, decisions, and issues, specialising in a particular area of law. Companies use legal advisors to prevent and resolve legal disputes between the company and government agencies or clients. Legal advisors advise the head of the legal department in the company, manage external and internal legal resources, and provide legal guidance on disputes, policies, employment, and contracts. A Legal advisor can earn approximately INR 5,95,365 LPA.

Corporate Planner

A corporate planner is responsible for corporate performance, planning, and project management processes. They develop and implement strategic plans, evaluate and monitor the progress of projects, and provide recommendations to improve corporate performance. A corporate planner can earn a salary of INR 7,00,000 LPA.

Principal Secretary

As a principal secretary, one may advise the Prime Minister on foreign and domestic matters. They oversee the affairs of the department assigned by the PM and ministers. They deal with the PM’s office’s governmental, official, and essential paperwork. A principal secretary may earn an average salary of INR 2,70,000 LPA.

Chief Administrative Officer

A Chief Administrative Officer is in charge of administrative matters and staff. A CAO is responsible for the efficient operation of an organisation. They oversee the accounting staff and ensure the team follows the prescribed procedures, regulatory rules, and regulations.

The salary for this position is INR 7,75,000 LPA.

Managing Director

Managing Directors are high-level executives in corporations and companies. They are responsible for the company’s operations and provide strategic recommendations to its board members. MDs ensure that the business goals are met by managing other employees, creating and implementing business plans, and overseeing day-to-day operations. A managing director can earn an average salary of INR 4 Crore annually.

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