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Salary Guide for Finance Jobs: How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Salary Guide for Finance Jobs

If you’re exploring a career in finance, you may be curious about which jobs offer the highest salaries. You may be interested in discovering the earning potential of a finance degree or the different career paths available in finance. It’s natural to wonder whether finance jobs pay well. To gain insight into the average salaries of finance careers, you must consider the various occupations you can pursue with a finance degree. Financial analysts are among the most sought-after professionals in this domain, with an annual salary of $95,570. However, personal finance advisors, the second most popular career path, earn slightly less, with a median yearly salary of $94,170.

Why Choose a Finance Degree?

A finance degree is an excellent starting point for various jobs in public and private institutions. These include financial advising, investment firms, finance firms, businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, and other sectors. You will gain theoretical, fundamental, and practical knowledge in managing money and financial services throughout your finance degree coursework. You will learn how to manage significant wealth and how the handling of funds influences culture and companies.

As you advance through your studies, you will also obscure various other topics, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, information technology, business strategies, taxation, and risk management. Additionally, you will learn about accounting theory and its practical application in the finance industry.

Whether you desire to work in finance, accounting, business, or another related field, a finance degree can equip a stable foundation for a thriving career. Towards the end of your finance degree program, you will probably have the possibility to take optional courses tailored to your appeals and career goals. 

How to get a Finance Degree?

Obtaining a finance degree is no walk in the park. Although it’s one of the most sought-after degrees at colleges and universities, the curriculum is rigorous. Admittance to a finance program typically requires a high grade point average and a well-rounded track record of achievements. To pursue your journey towards acquiring a finance degree with confidence, it’s essential to graduate from high school with impressive grades. Additionally, participating in clubs or extracurricular activities can showcase your passion for diverse interests, making you a well-rounded candidate for admission.

When applying to your college or university, you must emphasize your interest in the finance program. Building connections with professors and faculty within the program can also benefit you. Once you gain admission to your desired finance program, brace yourself for rigorous coursework and a fulfilling degree. The finance curriculum demands discipline, analytical skills, and attention to detail. With hard work and dedication, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the challenging coursework and gain valuable knowledge and skills that will benefit you throughout your career.

Career Opportunities and Salary Guide for Finance Jobs

The finance industry is replete with well-paying jobs, and there is a vast array of career paths you can choose from. Upon graduating with a finance degree, numerous job opportunities within the finance field become available to you. From entry-level roles to advanced positions requiring additional degrees, you can work in various financial institutions, including private companies within the finance industry. These include financial analysts, financial managers, accounting managers, personal financial advisors, certified financial advisors, certified public accountants, chartered financial analysts, chief financial officers, loan officers, internal auditors, chief compliance officers, investment bankers, and financial examiners.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in finance, it is essential to research the various positions available and identify the roles that best match your interests and skills. For instance, a budget analyst, financial planner, or real estate agent might be your ideal career option. These jobs include assessing financial risks, analyzing financial reports, managing unexpected losses, advising clients, managing budgets, and assisting in retirement planning.

When searching for jobs, there are other factors you should consider, such as the demographics of the company, the company’s goals, and what your daily life will look like in the position. 


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Staff Accountant

As a staff accountant, you would be an integral part of a company’s accounting department. Your primary responsibilities include preparing financial forms, organizing financial records, and ensuring that financial statements are accurate and comply with legal regulations. Additionally, you would be expected to analyze financial information, assist with budget processes, review performance projections, and file tax returns. You would also recreate a critical role in the audit process. A staff accountant career can be challenging but rewarding, as you can work with financial data and help ensure your company’s financial health. The staff accountant can earn an average salary of ₹2,15,327 per year.

Financial Administrator

Financial administrators play a crucial role in ensuring the financial stability of an organization. As a financial administrator, you would be responsible for financial planning, analyzing financial data, optimizing financial management processes, and complying with industry regulations. You would also prepare financial reports, income statements, and balance sheets. Additionally, you would need to identify and resolve account discrepancies, identify financial liabilities, and perform risk analysis. The average salary of a financial administrator is ₹2,70,346 per year.

Financial Accountant

Financial accountants oversee the financial management of an organization. They lead a team responsible for accounting, budgeting, internal and external audits, and tax payments. 

Financial accountants gather financial information, analyze business costs and revenues, prepare income statements and balance sheets, and advise senior departmental managers on budgeting and investments. They monitor accounting inconsistencies, stay up to date with financial policies, and help businesses implement best practices while complying with tax regulations. In addition, financial accountants prepare financial reports and work with other departments to provide accurate financial planning and analysis. The financial accountant can earn a salary of ₹2,79,300 per year.


Auditors play an essential role in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the financial records of businesses. They examine financial statements and documents to verify their accuracy and compliance with accounting standards and regulations. Auditors also work with corporate management to identify and correct errors, implement cost-cutting measures and mitigate financial risks. Auditors can earn a salary of ₹3,10,492 per year.

The finance industry presents many career opportunities driven by increasing demand for skilled professionals. Whether you’re seeking a role in accounting or finance, this dynamic sector offers a variety of paths to explore. At SpotGiraffe, we specialize in facilitating connections between job seekers and employers in these fields. Through our comprehensive job search platform, users can easily navigate through a diverse range of listings, filtering them based on location, salary, qualifications, and more.

Our primary objective is to empower job seekers to reach their career goals by equipping them with essential tools and facilitating meaningful connections with suitable employers. With SpotGiraffe, recruiters can effortlessly post job vacancies while candidates can conveniently apply through our platform. To further enhance job seekers’ personal and professional skills, we also offer skill development courses to position them as top candidates during the hiring process.

SpotGiraffe allows you to access new avenues for professional growth in the accounting and finance domain. Should you encounter any uncertainties during your job search, our dedicated contact page is readily available to connect you with our team for personalized assistance. We always support you in achieving your career aspirations and making a meaningful impact in your chosen field.


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