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7 Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students

Highest Salary Jobs In Commerce Stream

Have you ever heard of several job opportunities in the accounting sector or many highest salary jobs in commerce stream? Or still believe in the rumours regarding unemployment and a jobless society? If you are demandable and skilled in the field, multiple job opportunities await you. The global rise of employment and the flooding of the job market brought up new work prospects for commerce graduates.

The rumour that spreads on the insufficient job opportunities for commerce students is hence proved wrong. Besides the common career path like medicine and engineering, which are said to have secured jobs. But now, plenty of job opportunities are put forth in front of commerce students from which they can choose their desired position. The highest-paid job is not just confined to one; a commerce aspirant can select from more than just one.

There are many jobs for commerce students in the accounting field, which can range from different designations like accounting, finance, risk management, investment management, e-commerce, and so on. Commerce stream jobs help one to develop professionally and get the chance to explore various career pathways.  

Highest Salary Jobs in Commerce Stream

Securing a high-paid job and job satisfaction should go hand-in-hand to maintain a work-life balance. Earlier, finding a job in the commerce field was a task that people were willing to take, but now with the advancement of technology, everything has become handy. SpotGiraffe is a job portal exclusively for publishing accounting and finance jobs, for which one can choose the job of their choice and the career they wish to be hired into. Here are some highest salary jobs in commerce stream students that they can enrol in with high payment : 

Chartered Accountant  

A chartered accountant is someone who deals with proceedings associated with the taxation and accounting of a business or a company. Tax returns, reporting, auditing financial documents, preparing and evaluating financial reports, financial accounting, and maintaining records of investments are their major tasks. Students who have the desire to be Chartered Accountants have to take courses that are constituted into 3 levels; one needs to clear all these to become a CA. They are professionally trained in accounting and auditing; they manage clients’ accounts and provide them with necessary financial advice. 

Marketing Manager 

The most in-demand job is that of the marketing manager, whose main duty is to manage the products in the company’s marketing department. They promote the business or company by planning, estimating, organizing ideas, and so on. These managers take assistance from marketing agencies, advertisements, and public relations to encourage the business and also to gain the market appearance of the firm that they are working for. Choosing a career in marketing is favourable as well as profitable, and one can select from the diverse specializations in marketing.  

Investment Banker 

Investment bankers are the ones who advise on money matters in the company and organization to reach a financial goal and make short-term and long-term financial plans accordingly. They are one of the highly paid jobs, and their main duty is to work close to the financial institution, to increase the capital for a company. 

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Anybody with a degree in finance can opt for Chartered Financial Analyst, as it is one of the highest-paid jobs. They are anticipated to show returns analysis, collect data, prepare financial models, report risks, and so on. It also includes checking accounts and managing the financial planning in the organization. They also perform the duties of financial consultants for the company they work for, study the capital market research and provide necessary information to the clients.

Cost Accountant 

Duties like budgeting, performance, evaluation, cost and asset management within the company are taken care of by a cost accountant. They are a part of the executive team, as they work to reduce the financial waste in the company, analyze the cost of production and other expenses, and strive to increase the monetary profit. Other than this cost, accountants prepare financial reports for tax authorities, stakeholders, creditors, and regulatory agencies. 


An actuary is one analysis and self-scrutiny of the financial consequences of risk or unplanned events. They need a combined knowledge of certain disciplines like Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics along with research to determine the company’s risk, especially in an insurance company. Their main responsibilities include managing the risk factors that arise in industries like hospitals and banking.  

Business Accountant and Taxation 

Professional accountants work exclusively in the branch of taxation and finance. The one who has been hired for this business accountant position should have familiar knowledge about direct and indirect taxation along with skills like excel and reporting. They also require a sound knowledge of high-end accounting software and applications like Tally, QuickBooks, SAP, and Advance Excel. Someone aspiring to get this high-paid job must complete courses like BAT or have knowledge of Taxation and Tally.

highest paying jobs for commerce students

The above are the top jobs with great salary packages that give one to improve financially, and these are in high demand in the job market. There are several other jobs for commerce students with highly paid job profiles that one takes up after graduation: Retail Manager, Company Secretary, Product Manager, Human Resource Manager, Personal Financial Advisor, Research Analyst, Chief Executive Officer, and so on. 

SpotGiraffe, the exclusive job portal for accounting and finance jobs, serves to be a great benefit for commerce students as it helps them ease and increase their efficiency in their job search. It helps you reach the desired job destination with the right skill and accounting knowledge.


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