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How to Answer “Why are you suitable for this job ?”

why are you suitable for this job

Have you likely experienced a genuine phobia of interview questions, Or have you ever faced confusion? Ever got stuck in questions like “Why are you suitable for this job”?, or “Why should we hire you ?” Did these questions seem typical or troublemaker?

The most intriguing aspect of this is that it is the most expected question in almost any job interview.

Even if it’s not your dream job, it’s a good idea to read the job description, and it only takes a few minutes – it’s hard to leave a solid impression on a hiring manager with a generic answer that could apply to every job. A good answer to this question shows your relevant skills and willingness to talk and that you are right for the job. With a good answer, you can combine some unique skills, career goals, experience, and soft skills that make you the perfect candidate!


Answer to the question “Why are you suitable for this job?” 


Before applying for a job, prepare yourself for questions about why you are the best person for the job by following these steps:


Know their ideal candidate 

To successfully answer an interview question about why you are the finest person for the job, it’s important to get a thorough understanding of what the hiring manager wants. Read the job description and learn the best qualifications and skills they have listed. 


Talk about your unique qualities

Since this question focuses on being the best candidate for any application, mentioning something special about yourself is a great strategy. If you have unique skills or rare life experiences that set you apart from others in your field, you can include that information in your answer. It shows the interviewer that you have something special to offer the company that allows you to do the job better than others.


Explain how you will use your qualifications

 Make your answer more effective by explaining why you are the best candidate, and then describe how you will use those qualities to help the employer succeed. List one of your most important qualities and discuss how you want to use that quality in the workplace if they choose you.


Describe accomplishments in previous roles

Show the interviewer that you are the best person for this new job by discussing how you succeeded in your previous role. By describing how you exceeded expectations and created great results in previous roles, you can get similar results if they decide to hire you on their team.


List some of your best achievements and, where possible, use data and numbers to illustrate your impact. Mentioning how you improved efficiency or saved money at your previous job can be very persuasive during an interview


Emphasize long-term compatibility 

Some of the best people for the job have long-term compatibility with the company. Hiring managers often want to select candidates who intend to stay in the role for the long term and demonstrate a desire to become a successful part of their team and company culture. 


Mention how you want to grow with the role and plan to stay with the organization for a long time. Discuss your career goals and how working in this role will help you achieve them while supporting the company’s mission.


Mention Company Values ​

​Show that you have researched your position by discussing how your personal values ​​align with the company’s values. In your answer, mention how you want a job where you can feel good about the company’s mission, and then mention some aspects of your company that you respect. The hiring manager may see this as a sign that you’re a good fit. 


Be passionate 

Discussing why you are the best candidate for the role is your chance to demonstrate your interest in the role and explain why you want the hiring manager to choose you. 


Maintain a professional attitude, but express your true feelings about why you want the job and what you want to bring to the team. Hiring managers may consider your attitude and behaviour when deciding who to hire for a position.

Tips to answer "Why are you suitable for this job?"


“Why are you suitable for this job?”- Example

“I believe that my accounting fundamentals skills, along with my passion, make me suitable for the job. In my previous jobs, I consistently submitted all receipts and reports on time and exceeded expectations in routine reviews”.


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