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Important Leadership Skills You Need to Have in the Workplace

Welcome to the world of work, where leadership skills are not just a nice-to-have but a must-have in any workplace. The ability to inspire, motivate and guide a team towards a common goal is essential for success, regardless of your position in an organisation. Whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate taking on your first job or a seasoned professional climbing the corporate ladder, developing your leadership skills can set you apart from the rest of the pack. Leadership skills are necessary for entry-level positions to higher-level positions that bring many changes to the workplace.


10 Essential Leadership Skills

10 Essential Leadership Skills


A good leader should know how to speak clearly and politely to the team members. At the same time, the leader should make team members complete the task without any time deviation or within the due date. Leaders must handle all types of communication, like one-to-one interaction, group interaction, and friendly and professional conversation, including chat, phone, mail, video, and social media.


Listening skill

Communication involves only the way of listening. Leaders should make their time free to communicate with employees in a friendly or professional manner. Some of the skills related to listening skills are listening actively, articulating, storytelling, concise, editing, explanation, expression, group conversation, meetings, presentation, written communication, non-verbal communication, verbal communication, and more.



Leaders must inspire others by giving motivational speeches like telling other real-life good stories. There are several ways available to motivate your team members. You can praise the individual’s work in front of other team members or can, offer rewards, or increase your investment in that company. Just giving a good salary to your employers is not enough, rather than giving motivation boosts them to work further with positive energy. Skills related to motivation are asking for input, allowing employees to share their opinions, convincing, mentoring, persuasion, taking care of employees, recognising others, being open to praise team members, and team building.



Leaders are always facing more struggles to finish multiple tasks. Delegating is one of the important leadership skills in the workplace. A good leader’s thinking of delegating is a sign of weakness, but usually, it is a sign of a strong leader. It is necessary to find out the skills individually because each employee’s skill set is different from others. A good leader must have the quality to analyse the skill set of each employee. 

A leader should assign some tasks to other employees. So that leader can concentrate on other tasks. Skills that are needed for becoming a good delegator are accepting feedback from other employees, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each employee, allotting proper resources for employees, being able to finish important tasks within a short duration and setting targets, team management, team coordination, and trusting employees.



A positive attitude is a top leadership skill in the workplace that ensures employees work properly even in stressful periods. Asking employees about their issues in the office or outside issues and asking about a vacation to employees brings positive changes in the workplace. A positive environment makes employees work even for a longer period. Skills that are needed to manage a positive environment are caring, encouraging, diplomacy, friendliness, helping others, humour, building positive rapport, and respect.



Employees must have the trust to share any news with a leader. Building good rapport with employees makes them trust you. Always speak with an open heart and be honest, which makes your employee believe you. Some qualities of trustworthiness as a leader are apology, accountability, confidence, professional ethics, honesty, reliability, and more.



Creativity is one of the important leadership skills that make your employee attracted to you. A good leader should know how to do the task creatively and make employees follow the same. Some of the important creativity skills are analytical ability, critical thinking, curiosity, imagination, innovative ideas, using mixing cultural activities, observation, problem-solving, etc.



Leaders should always provide feedback about employees’ performance that helps employees to improve their work. By giving feedback to other employees, you can improve your delegation skills too. Some skills for giving feedback to employees are honestly giving feedback, clarity, humble speech, mentoring, positive reinforcement, listening to employees’ opinions, and being respectful.



A good leader should be responsible for both the good and bad happenings in the workplace. Leaders should accept all the things, including some bad things happening in the workplace. Some skills to improve responsibility are evaluating mistakes, acknowledging mistakes, forecasting, giving the best solutions, project planning, learning from previous mistakes, reflectiveness, and resolving problems.



In every work, changes may occur at the last minute. So leaders need to accept the changes. Giving feedback to employees is always important. Similarly, leaders must listen to others also, which makes employees appreciate them. Some of the quality skills of flexibility are adaptability, the ability to learn new skills, being open to feedback, analysing problems, and giving importance to every employee equally.



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