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How to Write Your First Job Resume?

Tips For Writing Resume

Do you think that getting a first job is easy? Obtaining a first job is a challenging task for everyone, and in the same way, writing a resume for a first job also will be hard. Without experience, one can prepare a resume concentrating on education, qualifications, achievements, and more. Doing this directs to getting your resume selected for the next level of the interview process. A good resume should have keywords, relevant skills, and qualifications that make your recruiter better understand you. Here are some of the tips for writing resume for first time;

Tips For Writing Resume

Resume Format

Selecting the perfect resume format is essential when creating a resume for a first job. Three types of resume formats are available, such as a Reverse chronological resume, where one can write about work experiences and education. And another one is a Functional resume where one can write skills and achievements. The third one is the combination of resumes or hybrid resumes, focusing on skills and work experiences. 

Among all these, 99% recommended format is reverse chronological order, which will be helpful for people with no career gap and work experience. A functional resume may help graduates or freshers in job searches and career changes. Hybrid resumes are useful for mid-level job seekers, career changers, and People who want to re-enter the work after some career gap.

Proper Contact Information

It’s always essential to write down the correct contact information for the first job resume that makes your recruiter reach you easily. Write major details such as Name, Phone number, Mail ID, and Location on the top of the resume. Ensure to write updated information and recheck whether all the information was correctly given.

Add a Resume Objective

A resume objective should be two to three lines focusing on skills, achievements, and career goals that a recruiter may get impressed upon while reading. 

Add Correct Education Details

Many hiring recruiters give more importance to the educational qualification of the candidates. The educational details should include degree name, university/college name, year of completion, and Percentage/GPA. This information should be written while writing a resume for your first job that gradually impresses recruiters.

Add Skills 

Adding skills and keywords to your first job resume is an important thing that can’t be avoided. Many job seekers may not have any work experience. In that situation, giving more focus to skills and keywords rather than work experience helps your resume may get selected for further rounds of interviews. Many recruiters will search for candidates’ resumes by using the keywords. Adding proper keywords to your resume as per the job role will help your resume to get selected.

Add Optional Sections

Adding optional sections for your first job resume is necessary. If you have any volunteering experience, that can be added to your first job resume that shows your dedication and works interest. And adding how many languages you know is also important. Hobbies also can be added while writing a resume. And another important point is adding awards and certifications that show how good you are and fit for the job role.

Add all the Details within One Page

Many job seekers may need clarification about how long a resume should be. The answer is simple: the length should not be extended above one page if the candidate is preparing their first job resume. And the second page may usually contain the details of hobbies and extracurricular activities.


tips for writing resume


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