accounting and finance jobs

Accountant Job Description

• Assist in the preparation of financial reports such as financial statements and budget performance
• Ensure compliance with applicable standards (i.e. GAAP, FASB), rules, regulations, and systems of internal control
• Aid in the implementation of new accounting policies, standards, and guidelines
• Provide accurate, timely, and relevant recording, reporting, and analysis of financial information
• Identify areas for improvement and implement improvements to processes
• Assist with and act as the primary point-of-contact for auditor requests
• Handle sensitive information in a confidential manner
• Documenting financial transactions
• Monitoring the efficiency of existing accounting procedures and ensuring they comply with the government regulations
• Reviewing financial documents to resolve any discrepancies and irregularities
• Reconciling already documented reports, statements and various transactions
• Creating, reviewing and presenting budgets
• Recommending financial actions by analysing accounting options
• Cooperating with auditors in preparing audit reports
• Providing guidance on revenue enhancement, cost reduction and profit maximisation
• Preparing and analysing financial statements like cash flow statement, balance sheet and profit and loss statement
• Submitting annual tax returns

Job Overview