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How to say, “Please find attached my CV” in 2023

How to say Please find attached my CV

Ensuring that your CV catches the recruiter’s attention is essential when applying for jobs. However, the traditional phrase “please find attached my CV” may be outdated and impersonal in today’s job market. To convey a more modern and friendly tone, it’s advisable to avoid using phrases like “please find attached my CV.” While this phrase is grammatically correct, it is considered old-fashioned and needs to align better with the current norms of email communication. Email correspondence has evolved significantly from the days of handwritten or manually typed business letters. Therefore, exploring more effective and contemporary alternatives is recommended when submitting your curriculum vitae via email.

Why Use the Phrase “Please Find Attached My CV”?

When applying for a job online, it’s crucial to guide the recruiter to your CV, where they can discover your achievements, skills, and work experience – essentially, all the essential information. By using a phrase like “please find attached my CV” (or a similar one), you’re directing your potential employer to the document most likely to make a strong case for you and secure an interview.

Furthermore, recruiters have demanding schedules, and they review numerous applications daily. If you don’t explicitly mention that your CV is attached, they might overlook it or assume it wasn’t included in some cases. Therefore, a clear and concise statement helps ensure your CV receives the attention it deserves.

When to Use the Phrase “Please Find Attached My CV”?

There are several situations where it’s appropriate to use the phrase “please find attached my CV.” Here are the primary occasions when using this phrase is suitable:

When to Use the Phrase Please Find Attached My CV

Sending your CV Through Email for a Job Application

When applying for a job via email, where the job advert provides an email address for applications, your CV and cover letter quality become critical factors in securing an interview. In such cases, it’s essential to direct the recruiter’s attention to your CV by using a clear and concise phrase like “please find attached my CV.” Additionally, craft an effective cover letter and maintain a professional email sign-off.

Creating Job Applications on Job Websites

Many job applications now involve filling out online forms on a company’s website. These forms often include an option to attach files. Always use this feature to have your CV when given the opportunity. If there’s a section for a “cover letter” (where you can write freely), use it to mention that you’ve attached your CV for consideration.

Sending Your CV to Recruiters on LinkedIn

When contacting recruiters via LinkedIn, sending your CV alongside your message is crucial. You may need more than just having your LinkedIn profile visible. Recruiters may need to forward your details or CV to other parties, so ensure your CV is attached in a readable PDF or Word format. When concluding your email, politely instruct the recruiter to review your CV for consideration. It is essential since your CV will be their primary reference when recommending you to potential employers.

Sending a Hypothetical Application

If you’re keen on working for a specific company, sending a speculative application can be a viable strategy even when they don’t have open positions. When submitting a speculative application, it’s crucial to include your CV. Demonstrating a competitive skill set that could benefit their organization significantly increases your chances of receiving a response from the employer. Compose a polite inquiry and clarify that you’ve enclosed your CV for their consideration, all without appearing pushy.

Assessments to Make when Attaching your CV

Ensuring everything is in order before sending off your job application or email. Here’s a checklist to help you ensure that your CV and application are correctly attached and presented:

  1. Check your CV attachment: Always double-check that your CV is attached to the email or application. While some email servers may notify you if you need to remember an extension, it’s best to rely on something other than technology.
  2. Name the file professionally: When naming attached files, use a professional format such as “David Smith CV.” This helps recruiters quickly identify and organize your CV, avoiding any random characters or errors in the file name.
  3. Proofread your email and CV: Errors in your email or CV can create a negative impression. Proofread both documents to eliminate typos and grammatical mistakes. You can use a CV builder to add expert content with a single click.
  4. Include a professional email signature: Add a well-crafted email signature to appear professional. A professional signature enhances the credibility of your application and sets a professional tone in your correspondence.
  5. Use a Word or PDF document: Ensure your CV is in a format that recruiters can easily open. Avoid using editable software like Google Docs, and instead, use a Microsoft Word document or a PDF.
  6. Follow up with non-responders: If you are still waiting to receive a response from a company or recruiter within a few weeks, think of sending a follow-up email to examine the status of your application. Some organizations may provide feedback on why your application was unsuccessful, which can help you improve your CV and future applications.


Here are alternative ways to express that your CV is attached to a job application email:

  1. My CV is enclosed for your review.
  2. Please find my CV attached for your consideration.
  3. I have attached my CV for your reference.
  4. My CV is included as an attachment.
  5. You’ll find my CV attached to this email.
  6. I’ve enclosed my CV for your perusal.
  7. Please see the attached CV for more details.
  8. I’ve provided my CV as an attachment.
  9. For your convenience, my CV is attached.
  10. Kindly refer to the attached CV for additional information.
  11. I’ve included my CV in the attachment.
  12. My CV has been secured for your review.
  13. You can access my CV in the attachment.
  14. I’ve sent my CV along with this email.
  15. I’ve attached my CV to this message for your consideration.

You must guide potential employers to your CV when sending job applications or outreach emails. While a cover letter is valuable, your skills and work experience should take center stage in your application. The next time you send your CV, use the provided examples to direct the recruiter. Also, carefully proofread your CV, email, and cover letter before sending.

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