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What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment? (Proven Strategies 2023)

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment

During an interview, an interviewer might pose various broad inquiries about your personality and character. Among these questions, there’s a particular one that holds the potential to highlight your suitability for the role: ‘Could you describe your most significant accomplishment?’ Navigating your response to this question skillfully can set you apart from fellow candidates, elevating your prospects of securing the position. During interviews, evaluators often probe different facets of your character by posing questions like, ‘Could you elaborate on a significant achievement of yours?’ Through this inquiry, they aim to uncover valuable insights, including:

Defining Moments

When asked about your most significant achievement during an interview, the interviewer may want to know what motivated you to accomplish it. Accomplishments are often rooted in personal values. For example, if you mention achieving 100% customer retention, it may be because you value humility and service. Companies typically have their core values, so your response can give insight into whether your values are aligned with theirs.

Pathways to Success

In a job interview, it’s essential to highlight your work ethic by sharing a story about a journey or task you completed to reach a milestone. For example, you could describe how you helped another team achieve their targets. This may lead the interviewer to ask about your approach. If you mention that you willingly worked overtime and invested extra hours, it demonstrates your strong work ethic and dedication to the organisation’s objectives.

Tips on how to answer “What is your greatest accomplishment?”

Anticipating the pivotal ‘Greatest Accomplishment’ question requires adept preparation. A strategic approach is paramount, and here’s how to shape your response:

Tips on how to answer What is your greatest accomplishment

Anchoring Your Accomplishments with Relevance

The initial stride towards formulating a compelling response is immersing yourself in the job description. By discerning the company’s aspirations, you can align your accomplishments astutely. For instance, if the role calls for resilience under pressure, delve into past experiences where you consistently delivered stellar outcomes within tight timeframes. Scrutinise the job description meticulously, extracting the keywords the hiring manager has underscored. Often bold or recurring, these keywords serve as your compass in constructing a tailored response.

Create Your Accomplishments List

Regarding professional achievements, individuals with years of experience often have impressive accomplishments. To determine the most significant ones, creating a comprehensive list, focusing on tasks recognised and rewarded by the organisation, and contributing to the company’s overall success is helpful. Choose three or four accomplishments that best represent your professional journey. This process helps to demonstrate the scope of your contributions, allowing you to align specific achievements with the nuances of the job description. Furthermore, to prepare for interviewers who may ask for multiple examples to gain insights into your values, consider having an additional achievement ready for discussion from your comprehensive list.

Create Narrative Story

Once you have curated a selection of your notable accomplishments, it’s time to craft a compelling narrative for your upcoming interview. To effectively convey your achievements, consider employing the STAR technique, which breaks down your experiences into Situations, Tasks, Approaches, and Results. Begin by outlining the situation that served as the backdrop for your most significant accomplishment. This could involve a scenario wherein your team confronted the challenge of troubleshooting a third-party product. Moving on, delve into the specific task or role you undertook in this situation. For instance, you might have occupied a customer-facing position responsible for relaying troubleshooting steps to the client.

Transitioning to your approach, detail the actions you took within or beyond your designated role to address the situation. In the troubleshooting scenario, you might elaborate on how you willingly extended your work hours, collaborating closely with the 24-hour support team to manage client emails periodically and proactively.

“What is your greatest accomplishment?” Examples

  1. During my tenure at my previous organisation, I became aware through a colleague that the Android app development team needed to grapple with a resource shortage. A key team member had departed, leaving a challenging void to fill. Despite having meticulously prepared documentation for seamless app deployment, the team encountered stumbling blocks in the form of incomplete instructions that only an individual with similar hands-on experience could decipher. While my primary role centred around product management, my background encompassed several years of hands-on Android app development in prior positions.

Prompted by this situation, I contacted the project lead to express my interest in obtaining access to the documentation. My proactive stance garnered appreciation, and I soon dedicated extra hours to revise the documentation meticulously. Additionally, I extended my assistance to the development team, offering them pertinent insights and guidance to expedite the app’s development process. Through a collaborative endeavour, the team successfully launched the app as planned. The deployment unfolded with minimal defects, culminating in a remarkable 4.5-star rating on the Play Store. Undoubtedly, this episode stands as a pinnacle achievement in my professional journey.

  1. As a training manager, my most significant achievement emerged when I transformed our new hire orientation program. After three years of standard training sessions, negative feedback arose as trainees needed help to complete their training. Recognising the outdated content as a core issue, I assembled a specialised team to refresh the material. The revamped program achieved a remarkable 95% completion rate, with overwhelmingly positive feedback, showcasing the impact of strategic intervention on organisational success.


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