accounting and finance jobs

Finding Your First Job in Accounting Sector: Advice and Techniques

accounting and finance jobs

Looking for advice on how to land your first accounting and finance job as a recent accounting graduate? The most sought-after accounting and finance roles are already drawing a lot of interest. When looking for an accounting career, it can be challenging to know where to start. With so many accounting careers to select from, how can you pick the one that’s right for you? Once you’ve discovered the ideal job, how can you make sure your resume stands out? We’ll provide you with some advice on how to land an entry-level accounting job in this blog post. Although it may be challenging, finding an entry-level accounting position is not impossible. With a little preparation and work, you might increase your employment prospects. Check out these straightforward tips to land a job in accounting.


Finding your first accounting job could be very difficult.

Although accounting experience is preferred by employers, you cannot find employment without it. To get your foot in the door, you have a few choices. First, by using creative thinking, you might convince an employer to give you a chance.

What credentials are necessary for an accounting position?

  • To thrive in any accounting role, you’ll need to develop a variety of talents, such as Understanding mathematics, problem-solving skills, and a methodical approach to problems.
  • Moral integrity
  • The ability to predict how financial decisions will affect outcomes
  • An interest in business and finance
  •  The capacity for both individual and group work 
  • Communication skills organizational and management skills
  • Understanding of computers
  • Natural attention to detail


Experience in Accounting: What Is It?

  • Accounting experience is the application of accounting and auditing principles and techniques under the direction of a qualified, certified public accountant. These concepts and techniques are taught as a part of the professional education that qualifies a person for licensing under this chapter. The accounting industry offers a wide variety of jobs and specializations. While some accountants focus on accounting and financial analysis, others specialize in tax preparation.


  • Some of the specialties include accounts payable and receivable for payroll. Others might choose to work for the government or nonprofit sector or seek careers in auditing and forensic accounting. Examining your career goals could be helpful.


  • You need to be meticulous and well-organized. It’s possible that your clients don’t know this and ask you for help. You must possess good mathematical and analytical skills to identify flaws in customer data and provide fixes. 


  • It will be helpful to have a basic understanding of software, and there is frequently free or inexpensive training available. For instance, you could want to research Sage 50 Accounting or QuickBooks. You will become a standout candidate if you have proven proficiency in these accounting systems and a solid foundation in Excel and Outlook.


How to Gain Accounting Experience?

In order to become a successful accountant, look for a job that fits your qualifications. They are not necessary for employment in the accounting sector. However, you must take into account how you can describe your position on a resume in order to highlight essential skills for accountants. Working as a cashier can demonstrate both your integrity and your aptitude for math.

                             No Payment Experience

If you have the time to devote to it, unpaid experience is one possibility. You could work as a bookkeeper for a local church, or another nonprofit, for instance. In order to gain experience with tax preparation, you can also volunteer for programms like Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or Tax Counseling for the Elderly. Your college may also provide internship options. After demonstrating your skills in volunteer work, be sure to request a letter of recommendation.


How to acquire a job in accounting?

If you want to work in accounting, you should think about taking the     following actions when searching for employment:

accounting jobs

1. Get your bachelor’s in a similar field

Despite the fact that a bachelor’s degree is frequently not expressly required for employment as an accountant, employers like to prioritize candidates with degrees in accounting, especially, as well as those in supporting occupations within the accounting department. Associate’s degrees and certificate programs are additionally useful and respected tools for expanding your skill set and earning potential. Some states—not all—require further education in subjects like taxation, auditing, and financial reporting.


2. Concentrate

Once you’ve earned your degree in accounting, you’ll discover your area of professional expertise. The two most sought-after specialties in accounting are business accounting and public accounting. Auditing, managerial accounting, tax accounting, environmental accounting, and auditing are a few other specialties in this broad discipline with many subfields. You may surely identify your concentration with the aid of your education.


3. Select whether to study to be an accountant

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are required to have a college degree, pass a difficult exam, and work under the supervision of an authorized CPA for a predetermined period of time. After obtaining your public accounting certification, you are qualified to carry out all common accounting responsibilities, including audits, representing clients before the IRS, and analyzing financial accounts. You are also qualified for accounting roles.


4. Look for campus recruiting programs

Many companies interview students during the final year of college, making it possible to land an entry-level accounting position. Pursuing an accounting internship is a fantastic method to increase your chances of landing a decent accounting career immediately out of college.


5. Ask your college professors

Your lecturers can help you find suitable accounting jobs both in college and after. Having a positive relationship with them is likely to increase your chances of getting suggested as most organizations that hire college graduates ask college professors to recommend the strongest applicants.


6. Network both offline and online

Developing a solid network in the accounting industry can lead to job changes. Try to set up as many informational interviews as you can with faculty members who have previously held accounting positions as well as any other friends or acquaintances. In order to find potential employment chances in your field and area of competence, you can also use professional networking websites.


7. Use major job portal 

The majority of businesses that require accountants advertise their searches on well-known job boards like, Naukri, LinkedIn, and SpotGiraffe. However, if you’re looking for a career in a certain field, try using employment portals for that industry. Example SpotGiraffe is solely for positions in finance. You won’t waste time looking for a job if you use portals like this because you’ll locate your desired career quickly. There, you can narrow down your search results based on your location, hobbies, talents, and experience.

You can filter chance by the amount of experience in various job search platforms. If you want to boost your chances of getting employed, look for entry-level positions. The positions include accounting clerk, tax clerk, bookkeeping assistant, and collections agent simply require a high school diploma. These professions pay significantly less than accounting for those with more expertise. They might be a great spot for you to begin your career. 


Before submitting applications for entry-level accountant roles, consider if a career in public or private accounting would be more appropriate for you. Public accounting, for instance, could be a possibility for recent graduates who want to work with lots of clients. On the other hand, working as a private accountant internally for a single company enables you to specialize in a certain area.


In this rapidly expanding world, It’s challenging to find the appropriate job. Finding our perfect career at the correct time is a little more difficult. Therefore, we all require immediate action. SpotGiraffe is here to assist in finding employment for all finance learners. Whatever route you take in accounting, you should expect to establish a career that develops as you do as you learn more and get more experience. We present to you all available finance roles and employment prospects. Join us to own your dream job, in your dream place, in your dream position. 


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