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How to Introduce Yourselves in an Interview

How to Introduce Yourselves in an Interview

There is nothing more unnerving than attending a job interview. I am sure everyone would agree to the same. How to introduce yourselves in an interview will be the most challenging part of an interview. Each one of us, sometime or the other, has passed or ought to pass through this phase if we are career-oriented individuals. But let me be very frank there is nothing to be so worried about … after all, you are a professional individual and have confidence in self. But before you attend an interview, you should keep a few things in mind.

Tips on How To Introduce Yourselves In an Interview

  • Research the Company you will be attending the Interview with – This can be taken either way by many of us but we would consider this as a single best thing that you can do to ace your interview, researching the company you ought to attend the interview with is what we would recommend . After all almost nearly 9 hours of your day would be spent in this space so you got to have a clear idea of the environment and the nature of business.
  • Understand the Job well – In this current pandemic we all know about the job curbs .So well when you are applying for a job please make sure to understand the profile you are applying for and whether it matched your skills and abilities. Randomly applying for jobs is big no no. This can also help you to give clear answers during your interview.

Now moving forward let us help you how to introduce yourselves in an interview.

  • Correct Dress code for the interview – Always choose the right outfit preferably formals for an interview also a little fixing of hair, clean shoes and correct accessories will do the work.
  • Make professional Introduction appealing –As the saying goes first impression is the last impression, so make sure you have it right. From being polite to a handshake and a smile everything starts from the front office of the company. Believe it or not the first impression of yours starts here. Give a short intro of why you are here and to meet whom, at what time. Once the interviewer approaches you wish the time of the day, extend your hand say hello and introduce yourself once again. This will show your confidence.

(Note – Always carry a folded napkin/ handkerchief in your bag/pocket just in case you would need to dry your hands before the interview)

  • Go Beyond your professional title – By this what we mean to convey is the Job title that most of us put up in our resumes don’t mean much the whole thing lies about how your describe the Job .You can always use your elevator pitch  which can be engaging and can help the interviewer judge why you would be the perfect fit for their organization .This can include who you are, achievements, professional skills, etc. all included in less than 30 seconds.
  • Use STAR technique – There’s always an open ended question that a job seeker may hear its, ”tell me about yourself” this is where you can use the STAR technique. This Technique is nothing but Situation Task Action and Result. Getting this opportunity you may talk about your achievements profoundly.
  • Control your body Language and be patient – Its quite natural while attending an interview you may be nervous, their may be security procedures, waiting time etc. before you reach the interview room don’t loose your cool you may not know that the cctv camera above your head might be watching you!!! Again now as you enter the interview room your interview etiquette need to be on point. Take time to settle (don’t be clumsy) maintain a straight posture, keep your hands folded on your lap. Do not underestimate the power of body language this can always do the trick right or wrong.

Tips To Ace In an Interview



Hope the above mentioned techniques, tips and etiquettes will help you for your next interview. All the very best!!


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