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How to Select the Best Candidate for your Finance & Accounting Department

Finance and Accounting Department

An Accountant in a firm will be like a trusted colleague whom you can depend on for advice and guidance as the company grows. Choosing the right candidate for your finance and accounting department is essential. But the picture is not as rosy as it seems. It’s important to take enough time and do this carefully, and there are always a few things you need to consider – a few of them being the division of workload – and the accounting software they have worked on, etc.

The location also, at some point, seemed essential, but now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the location has become optional. Companies are slowly and gradually adapting to the trend of WFH which as seen in their view are sowing benefits.

It would be solely in the interest of the Company to have an experienced and capable person to handle one of the most crucial areas. Below mentioned are some of the things that may help you to consider while choosing the right candidate.

How to choose right Candidate in Finance and Accounting Department?


how to choose right candidate


“It all depends on the size of the company. If you’re a small business owner and find yourself sitting in front of QuickBooks wondering where to begin, that’s a good indication that it’s time to find someone knowledgeable,” says Mark Koziel.

Whether you own a small or big business, hiring a professional is always a challenge. Usually, when an entrepreneur starts a venture he puts on the Accounting hat himself and keeps doing his taxes on his own, this has become much easier for anyone with simple accounting software like Zoho Books, QuickBooks, etc. But gradually there comes a time when it makes sense to hand over the responsibilities to a genuine person who is qualified and a specialist to handle all financial functions.

Accountants come from varied backgrounds. While some carry along the degree, others have worked their way up. Choosing the correct person through these technicalities would be a challenge and one should be ready for it. Regardless of the responsibilities and the level of seniority you should look out for technical capabilities like software knowledge, different online accounting tools, and other soft skills like communication, time management, etc.


When looking for an accountant you might be missing something. The ideal candidate would be just right under your nose. You can also ask your friends and family circle for the right referral. You can also make use of online networking sites such as LinkedIn which is one of the largest and globally acclaimed business-oriented networks.


Now that you are aware of what are the skills and techniques that are required for your accountant it’s time to start assessing them accordingly. It would be very right to ask the candidate why he/she thinks he/she is the right fit. You can always check this by putting up with a situational questioning round. This should be described as a real situation that could arise within the role and ask the candidate how they would respond. Situational interview questions are always ideal for putting the skills to test. Depending on the focused requirements of the role you could also ask the candidate to complete a practical test which may help to assess his technical skills.


Like every other thing in life, one should not accept the first offer that one receives. One should arrange things in such a way that you get time to interview at least a few candidates and compare the capabilities of accountants you have interviewed. This is quite essential because interviewing several candidates will give a clearer picture of the actual requirement.

Good Accountants help companies grow by offering advice on business issues.



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