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Is Accounting a Good Career Choice for you in the coming years

Professional accountants are in demand in many sectors, including the private business sector, the public sector, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Accounting jobs can vary from entry-level to executive level Accountant plays an essential role in every organization. That’s why the job market for accountants is good and has been for years.

There is a misunderstanding that accounting is boring, but the field offers many career opportunities. Certified public accountants, or CPAs, often run their businesses and provide financial and tax-related services to organizations and individual clients. These occupations play an essential role in the country’s general economic situation. Therefore, experts predict high demand for accounting jobs in the coming years. 


 Top Reasons Why Accounting is an Excellent Career Choice


Some of the top reasons why Accounting is an excellent occupation to select in the upcoming year are;


Much demand for Accountant

Almost every company and person needs an accountant in their corner in one way or the other, which creates a high demand for career choice. Although accounting is a centuries-old practice, it continues to grow. According to the Ministry of Labor Statistics, the employment of auditors and accountants is expected to grow by 10 per cent between 2016 and 2026, which is faster than the average for all professions. 

With this growth, you can see that people with an accounting degree can also relax because the unemployment rate for people who work in accounting or controlling job seekers was 1.8% in the first quarter of 2019. A career in accounting offers more job security than most jobs available to recent graduates.


Salary range 

Accounting is on the higher end of the field compared to most recent graduates’ starting salaries. The average starting salary for a fresh accountant graduating is open to the company/company you join. Most companies offer competitive wages for full-time employees and increase growth potential. Most jobs provide a full range of benefits in addition to pay, including retirement, health, and more.


A chance to get ahead

Accounting is an evolving landscape that creates endless opportunities to learn new technology, software, and more that keep career seekers actively learning. As you progress in your accounting career, you can add prestigious letters to the end of your name. For example, the next step that many accounting students must take after college is the CPA exam. 


Options and Choice 

Those choosing a career in accounting may be surprised to learn that there are many career options. Depending on your desire, you can work in the public or private sector or even as an FIE. 


Consulting services

Professional accountants can also take the route of becoming tax experts. This can happen in auditing firms that provide tax consulting services; along this path, professional accountants can become tax advisors to individuals and businesses. Tax-related roles can also be found in companies; a specialist who joins a company’s tax department can rise to the top of the department, overseeing tax planning and compliance. 

Accountants can also continue their careers as business consultants. As business advisors, they can work as consultants or as independent consultants. In such positions, accountants bring other skills, such as strategic thinking, persuasive communication, and technical accounting skills. Any professional accounting degree program is quite comprehensive. It covers several topics, including financial statements, business reporting, costing, taxation, auditing, etc. 


How to get a career in the accounting sector?


The role of today’s professional Accountant is to understand the many issues involved in the overall management of a business beyond accounting, auditing, and taxation. Verbal, written, and interpersonal skills are essential for today’s accounting graduates. You can express thoughts, ideas, strategies, observations, facts, and figures in a way others can understand. To gain an advantage in your job, you must have the intellectual abilities to handle the complexity of the accounting function and the people skills to work successfully with others.


Businesses rely on accountants to prepare ledgers, pay bills, and send invoices; this industry has remained stable over the years. You will likely enjoy job security throughout your career, from starting as a clerk to moving to senior positions. Most companies have at least one dedicated accounting specialist, and larger companies have entire accounting departments. Because accounting is essential to every business, you can easily find many jobs anywhere. So, If you decide to start your career as an accountant,  SpotGiraffe is the best solution which helps to find the right accounting-related job based on your knowledge and skills.



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