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Top 7 Must-Have Skills for Commerce Students

skills for commerce students

As a recent college graduate in commerce, you have much to learn about success in your future. At the same time, you have big shoes to fill: What are the must have skills for commerce students? What skills are the top ones you should cultivate to succeed?

Competition to find employment after graduation can be challenging, especially in the commerce field. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re doing if you want to get ahead and land that dream job you want.

Fortunately, some skills are considered valuable to employers no matter what business you’re going into, so if you learn and hone these skills, you should be in good shape when looking for work as a commerce student. This post will walk you through the top must-have skills for commerce students to succeed in their careers.


Key Skills for Commerce Students

skills for b com students

Communication skills

Commerce students must be able to communicate with people from all walks of life, whether it’s at work or in their personal lives. When working in a group, you need to communicate your thoughts and ideas and listen, learn and cooperate with others. You also need to be good at communicating when negotiating deals or mediating disputes. Hence, the ability to communicate effectively is therefore considered a great asset for commerce students.


Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills

Commerce students need to be able to think critically and find solutions that will help the company or sector they work in. Additionally, they must be able to act in the capacity of a decision-maker when required, which entails understanding when a particular course of action is appropriate for oneself as well as when it is not for another person who is a part of the decision-making process.

Successful business students possess critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as key components of their education. One of the most useful abilities you can have in your working life is the capacity to do this. It fosters creativity, which will help you find previously undiscovered sources of knowledge.


Research & Analysis

For a commerce student, research and analysis skills are essential. These skills allow you to find the answers you need or want quickly. With this in mind, it is important for commerce students to know how and where they can find the information they need.

The internet, which provides a plethora of possibilities in terms of databases, newspapers, and periodicals, is an excellent place to start. For a commerce student, it is also crucial to perform their research objectively and critically, reviewing their sources along the way.


Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills you can learn, and it’s the skill that will make the biggest impact on your life. It sounds simple, but time management is a skill that most people never learn how to do right because they don’t realize how much their lives are being negatively impacted by their inability to manage their time.


Long-Term Planning Skills

It’s crucial to prepare ahead of time for the deadlines that commerce students typically have throughout the semester. This skill will help you manage your schedule when you eventually obtain a respectable job. Over time, each work will become less stressful the more time you spend planning it. Therefore, being able to plan and schedule your priorities would be really helpful.


Good Knowledge of MS Excel

Excel is a very important skill for any commerce student, as it is used in almost every aspect of the course. Excel can be used for financial modelling, budgeting, forecasting, and more. It also helps with presenting your results using graphs and tables. A piece of thorough knowledge of how to use Excel will allow you to complete tasks quicker and avoid errors.


Good Financial Skills

Good financial analysis skills are critical for understanding the finances of any business. These skills are especially important in order to analyze a company’s performance and make predictions about future cash flow, growth potential, and risk. It’s also important for anticipating and managing any risks that may arise. To succeed in this area of expertise, you’ll need strong analytical skills and an ability to communicate results clearly and concisely.


Final Thoughts

We hope we have covered almost all the top skills you require to succeed as a commerce student. However, having personal initiative is the essential quality to developing your career goals. Regardless of which global brand you choose, being willing to learn and try new things shows that you are more than willing to get ahead in your career – something that can’t be said for everyone. We wish you do so, and here’s wishing you the best in your career.

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